Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sittin' Around on Sunday... here I am just sitting around on Sunday enjoying a day in my pajamas and just chillin' with my hub and pups. So here are some of my random thoughts for Sunday...

*I started the workout this and my body is sore! It feels GREAT!!! I'm hoping the scale reflects it tomorrow.
*Can someone answer this question about unions? I've been seeing lots of union workers protesting outside places that have already been built and in business for awhile...why?
*I bought these 100 calories milk chocolate pretzels and they are DELICIOUS!!!
*We went to dinner with friends last night and were planning on going bowling at Brunswick in St. Peters, we got there at 9pm and there was a TWO HOUR WAIT!!! We passed and ended up going to this new couple's house, that we'd just met, who happen to live right in our neighborhood. They had built their own bar and she finished it was paperbags and it looked really cool!
*Matt has finally decided (7 months later) that we need a plumber for the bathroom (UGH!) so we're waiting to call our friend's neighbor so HOPEFULLY this will be done SOON!!! Have I mentioned that I can't wait to take a bath?
*"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was on tv last that MOVIE!
*Don't forget to buy Girl Scout cookies!!! They are yummy and delicious and make great gifts especially for anyone you know that is serving our country overseas!

Enjoy the last part of your weekend!


Amy said...

My dad was part of the Union with Bellsouth. Every four years, their contract would be up for renewal and it always went down to the wire. Once, in the early 80's, the Union and Bellsouth could not agree on the new contract and therefore all Union employees went on strike and walked the picket line daily for about a week in front of his work center.

Thank you for the Girl Scout Cookie reminder! :)

Slamdunk said...

I am with you on the girl scout cookies and we have gotten into the habit of just calling our local bowling alley before going--it is frustrating to get there and have to wait.

Sleepless in Seattle said...

Last Sunday afternoon, David and I wanted to go bowling and there was an hour wait... completely ridiculous we certainly did not stay. Hope things are good with you and congrats on the weight loss... sounds like you're doing awesome!