Monday, April 12, 2010

The Great Golf Outing... the Saturday before Easter, my dad, Matt and I went to play golf. Matt has never played, I haven't played since before Matt...3-4 years ago and my dad hadn't played since the fall. Let's just say after the horrible first hole, we all agreed to NOT keep score.

Here is Mattie and I at the golf course, don't we look like professionals? HA! We fooled you!!!

Here is me trying to focus, I found out that the more pissed off I was, the better I did.
Here's my daddy teeing off. We shared a cart and it was nice to have some time with him.
Sometimes the boys took too long teeing off so I played with the camera, here's a pretty pic I took.
Mattie teeing off.
Okay, so Randall, do NOT tell this story to Nick-I'll be soooo embarassed! So as we're getting started, my dad and I are explaining to Matt about the different irons. Keep in mind, it's been a few years since I played! I pull out my S club and I say, "Dad, when would I use my S club?" He looks at it and answers, "When you're in the sand." Me,"Oh, I thought it was my starter club or something." They gave me so much trouble about that for the next 9 holes it wasn't even funny! It was a good time but made me realize how horribly bad I'm going to embarrass myself at the golf tournament in May! Oh well, it's for a good cause, right?


Slamdunk said...

You all are better than me at golf. When I am teeing off, no one should be allowed within 100 yards in any direction--a must safety zone.

Mrs. Fabulous said...

I think you get an A for effort!! What course was that?

Krystie said...

I'm a loser at golf. Even on wii, I still lose. LOL you go girl for giving it a go!

Stephany said...

I've never golfed before (well, aside from putt-putt golf, ha!) so I'm sure you did way better than me.

Also? Thinking the "s club" is your starter club is a good guess!

Adie said...

I have no idea about golf! I stink! Too many years playing softball I think! That and no patience! Good luck at the tourny!!

Faith said...

I couldn't tell you what an S club was if my life depended on it! The only time I played golf was in summer gym in high school and I sucked at it.