Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Welcome Baby Nick!!!

...last Friday, I went to visit Angie and new baby Nick! Angie is doing great to have just had such a handsome little boy. Here is the proud momma and her son.
Here's Nick lovin' his new swing
Big sis Daisy got some love from me too.
Here I am feeding Nick while he's looking at me saying, "I'm not so sure about you lady..."
Thanks for having me over guys! Angie, he's gorgeous!!! I hope I get to see you two soon.

Happy birthday to the world's best big sister! LOVE YOU SHA!


Meredith said...

How much did he weigh? He looks about as big as Lizzy is now, lol!

Adie said...

Oh so sweet! Dang you are on like a baby tour.