Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two Graduates, One 50th Birthday and a Partridge in a Pear Tree...

...Saturday we headed out to Aunt Jessie's for Katherine's high school graduation, Timmy's 8th grade graduation and Uncle Phil's 50th birthday...whew, I was tired thinking about that before we even got there!!!

They live out kind of by Troy so we stopped by Warrenton first to visit the outlet mall. I wanted to go to the Nike outlet to look for a two piece athletic tankini swimsuit. BUT they didn't have one. I think I'm going to just have to mix and match for the race in August. Anyways, I did get FIVE items at Gap for $21 including a pair of jeans for $3.70!!! I don't really need jeans, they aren't super cute but who can pass up a pair of Gap jeans for under $5? Not me!!!
So we get to Aunt Jessie's, I stayed inside to visit while Matt went to "play nicely" in the pool with them which resulted in him losing one of his contacts...we'll spend $80 on Monday to get another one-boo! Once the boys got out of the pool, Elizabeth and I headed down to catch some rays. I did get some sun but not too much...I'm sure I'll get PLENTY of sun on the float trip in a couple weekends.

We then headed over to their other old people (Matt, Elizabeth and I) with the kiddos (four ages 18 or under), to do some fishing. Once we got over there, I decided I would stay in the truck and read because I did NOT want any poison or chigger bites. There was a nice breeze and everyone was quite content...once they all had working fishing poles.

Here is Jenn about to jump off the truck and start fishing, that's Joe in the background trying to get his pole to work.
Matt was the big winner bringing in two fishies!!! Jenn (above) caught one. We released them all back into the water. As we were getting ready to leave, Katherine found an empty turtle shell...TURTLE POWER!!!We always have a great time when we hang out with them and we're always on the go go go! They keep us young! So congrats and good luck to Katherine and Timmy and Happy 50th Uncle Phil!!!


Slamdunk said...

I don't blame you for staying in the truck. The Mrs. would have not only got into the truck why we were fishing, but drove it back to the outlets--figuring we would call her when we were ready.

Alicia said...

Sounds like a fun little trip! And yes you can totally get that diaper bag and use it as a purse. I may just use it for that too before she gets here! :)

"A" said...

And where is this outlet mall you speak of? Is it on I-70 heading toward Columbia past St. Charles? I think I might have seen it and with those prices, a trip might be in order.

I don't blame you for sitting in truck. I am not into sitting in the outdoors among the bugs either.

Adie said...

What a fun trip! That is a little creepy that there is no turtle in that shell. I always laugh when you call it the poison. I have to say, your husband looks country fishing in a nice shirt and ball cap!