Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Hearts...

...Tuesday night I went to dinner with fellow blogger, Amy at the Fountain on Locust. One-I heart that place and two, the company was great! I'll be seeing her again at our STL Blogger Dinner on August 13 so any STL bloggers interested in joining us, leave me a note and I'll email you. While we were enjoying dinner, somehow I thought of this story and as I was telling Amy, I thought hmm...this might be a good Friday post. So here goes it, my story titled "Our Hearts."

I remember when I was in middle school, we were on vacation in Texas playing in a river. My mom found this heart shaped rock and showed it to David, her husband. They brought the rock home and it's been in their flower bed ever since.

Fast forward to summer 2008...Matt is in the backyard tearing down the pool (so sad but totally worth it in the long run...remind me of that on really hot days though!). I walked out and said, "Matt! Look this looks like a heart!" I gave him strict instructions to keep it and we'd put it in our garden. A couple months go by and I'd totally forgotten about it. Fast forward to our honeymoon and my sweet hubbie had brought me a gift for every day! One day was peanut butter M&Ms (mmm!!!), one day was my honeymoon ring and one day was this:
Yep, Mattie had taken the heart shaped rock we'd found in the backyard and painted it. It sits on our nightstand/dresser in the bedroom. One day we'll move it to our yard...

Sometime after we got married, my mom was in town and Matt and I were showing her around town. We went to Matt's nursery, for trees not babies, where he works at. Matt was explaining something to my mom and I was digging around in the rocks (sometimes I act JUST like a child!). Suddenly I found a rock and exclaimed, "Look Mattie! It's a heart shaped worry rock!" It's nice and flat and, best of all heart shaped!
This past weekend, I stopped by the nursery on my way home from work to pick up some potatoes for dinner. Now anyone that knows me, KNOWS that I'm not just going to pick up a couple "regular" potatoes, right? Nope! I brought home this baby:
I didn't say anything when I got home with it but then the next day we were discussing the potatoes (I actually cooked a different one a little too long in the microwave making it hard as a rock).

I said to Matt, "Did you see that one that was kind of weird looking?"
Matt: "Yeah, it kind of looked like a heart!"
Me: "OMG! I thought so too, that's why I picked it!"

What can I say great minds, or shall we say hearts in this case, think alike! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


lola said...

hahah, you two are so adorable! :)

Alicia said...

Aww you two are so cute, love this story! Wish I could join you on the bloggy dinner on the 13th, but we will be out of town. Do you have these in STL often?

Meredith said...

When I used to work at the rafting company, on one of the runs there was this tree, and it was tradition for everyone to leave a heart-shaped rock there for luck in love. I left one there, and less than a month later, J proposed!

Anyway, I like heart-shaped rocks too!

Adie said...

That is so sweet! I love that he painted on the rock!

Krystie said...

I love heart shaped anything, but then again I'm a big ol' sap!

PS. Love the STL blogger dinner idea. wish I lived closer to join! Actually I wish I lived closer so I could eat a ted drewes custard! :)