Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Review of the VMAs...

…I’m not one to watch award shows much, maybe flip to them here or there, but Sunday night, I settled in the MTV Video Music Awards. It was an interesting event to say they least but let me give you my opinions:

*Fashion-what was everyone wearing? Really, wearing a block of cheese on your head, hot red pants and specs or a multi-colored face mask doesn’t really equal hip and with it in my book. Is it just me or since Gaga joined the scene does it seem like it’s a contest as to who can have the craziest outfits?

*Chris Brown dancing: Why was he wearing a mic when he wasn’t singing? Did you like how he didn’t have anything choreographed when Nirvana came on?

*I really think Britney was scared of Gaga when she presented her with her award, I know I was scared! I’m not a huge Britney fan but I felt kind of bad for her. Her award was overshadowed by Gaga’s freakiness.

*Gaga: Prior to the show, I didn’t really like nor dislike Gaga. Her music is good, I enjoy listening to it. When I’d seen her on Ellen a few times, I got the idea that she was just a quieter person but really down to Earth. After the award show, I am not a fan. She totally took it WAY too far and wouldn’t let it go. Okay, we get it…okay, we still get it…okay, it’s old.

*Beyonce’s belly rub hurt. That’s all I really care to share on that subject.

*I honestly can say I did not know over half of the people on the show, I thought the New Artist winner, was some kid on the street (really who wears a tie-dye shirt with a cat on it to an Awards Show?). I recognized most of their music when they played but if I passed them on the street, I’d have no clue who they were.

*Jared Leto-wth happened to him???

*Did anyone else think the Amy Winehouse tribute was kind of small? When I think of a tribute, despite how the person died, I think of it as sincere and serious but it was just laid back, not a whole lot of footage. Just odd but then again, the VMAs were odd so maybe that’s what they were going for.

*Jessie Jay singing with the band by herself was also weird and looked out of place. Maybe it was because she was sitting down the whole time. I did enjoy her singing because that was the only songs that I knew, it was more my time.

*And the reason I watched, “The Hunger Games” preview. Totally letdown! It was BARELY 30 seconds and since I follow blogs about it, it really wasn’t anything I HADN’T seen already.

Conclusion: 2011 VMAs were weird and made me feel old. What were your thoughts on the 2011 VMAs???


Slamdunk said...

That show wasn't on ESPN was it?

I'll have to agree with you on it then--and surprised that the show did not really feature the Winehouse tribute.

Liz said...

I didn't watch it but I did see a few pics/clips. And The Hunger Games preview was a HUGE letdown! It was like 15 seconds of forest followed by a few graphics and a girl shooting a bow. Big whoop.

Whit said...

I took the time to watch it (even though I always watch Real Housewives of New Jersey on Sunday nights!) and was really put off by Lady Gaga. I like her a lot, but the way she stayed in character for the entire show creeped me out big time!

I didn't know who a lot of the people were either. The things I've read about the new artist winner have not been good.

It made me feel old, too. I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

Christy said...

Okay, I'm feeling a lot better with you younger ladies saying you felt old watching it. All I saw was the award for Best New Artist and I hadn't heard of a single one! I, indeed, felt very, very old!

And I totally agree about the tie-dye cat shirt. How about a little effort?

Angie said...

I didn't get to watch it, and after your review I'm glad I didn't waste my time! I am so out of touch with modern day music, it seems like a lot of it is hip hop or rap which I DESPISE. I like reg music like Adele, but I feel like if I watched it I would have just felt old and not knew anyone either.