Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AR's First Time Swimming!!!

...on Saturday, my sister had a small Fourth of July celebration. Most everyone went swimming including Miss AR!!! On the bath front, she was HATING them, screaming everytime she had one. Then last week, Matt decided to not follow the happy face on the baby bathtub and he put the water in that he was the right tempature. What do you know? This whole time the water was too cold and that's why she was freaking out. Once the water was a little warmer, she did a great job with her bath!

Since she'd been hating baths, I was worried she'd hate swimming too. Once we realized the water temp issue, I figured with it being 100+ degrees she'd be okay. For the most part she was, freaking out a little bit at first because it was a whole new thing and I think the big pink hat was bothering her. She was only in the water less than 5 minutes which was fine since it was so hot.

I'm really hoping that she likes swimming. In October or November, I'm wanting my MIL to bring her up to my work one day/week so that AR and I can go swimming. I figure that'll be something fun we can do during the week plus it'll get her used to the water if we go on a weekly basis.

Here's her daddy and her floating on the perfect AR sized raft.
The hat was bigger than her but it was all that we had. Funny thing about the hat, H gave it to her (she's 8) and the cousin H got it from was there too (she's now 13). I had a pair of sunglasses that Aunt Sha and H got her but they were a tad big.
After all the excitement of swimming, she was exhausted! She changed back into her Fourth of July outfit, had some lunch and passed out on her Great Grandma.
I was worried about how she'd sleep that night since she slept the 40 minute drive there and back plus most of the afternoon on Grandma but she actually did a great job! She's got more Fourth of July celebrations coming up this week! Happy Fourth of July everyone!


Samantha said...

I love the pictures. Looks like AR had alot of fun. I'm glad she did well with sleeping for you too.

Julie said...

She'll be a water baby in no time!