Thursday, July 12, 2012

MO Bap Breastfeeding Get Together... I've decided to start venturing out with Miss AR. This morning, she and I went to MO Bap where she was born and attended the Breastfeeding Get Together class. It's led by an LC but it's more of an open forum/discussion with her as the reference and other moms there to give their experiences too. AR and I got there early so I walked her down to the nursery and told her that's where she stayed and this was where she was born. Let me tell you all, she was thrilled. :)

The class started and there were like 15 moms and babies!!! AR needed a diaper change which normally she doesn't mind but both times I had to change her, she was freaking out. I started to worry how this would go but then once everyone else's babies started fussing then I didn't feel so bad. Here are some bullet points of what we discussed:

*I asked about being sedated and having to pump & dump for 24 hours. The LC said that was probably not necessary. I'm going to find out the med I'm getting and call then they have a reference book to tell me how long I'll need to pump & dump. I'm thinking as long as I have enough feedings for Wednesday, I should be good to go to start nursing again on Thursday.

*I asked lots of questions about pumping and bottles for when I go back to work. They said a general rule of thumb was for every hour you'd be away from pump, that's how many ounces they'd need. For example, if I'm at work for 10 hours (8 hour work day plus an hour to pump and an hour drive time (not really an hour drive time but overestimating) then I'd need to leave 10 ounces for her. I call BS on this because Baby Girl takes 4 oz at bed time! I think I'll plan on making 4 oz bottles for her when I return to work plus I'm going to give both the sitter and my MIL a stash of my frozen milk for their freezers in case she wants more, they spill some, etc...

*They had a scale there. The LC suggested getting the baby totally naked, well clean diap, and weighing. Then feeding baby and weighing when done then you would know how much she drank. I wish I'd done this but I was in the middle of feeding her when she said this. I want to go back now just do do this so I have a better idea how much she's eating at a feeding. If I'm feeling okay after my surgery then I'll for sure go next Thursday. My mom will be up here taking care of me so she can help with the heavy lifting AKA Miss AR.

 I did weigh AR and she's up to 10.15! They say that baby's gain 6 oz per week. Her last appointment was June 19, about 3.5 ago, and she weighed 9.7. So technically, 4 weeks from that 6/19 she should weigh 11.5. Hopefully, she's on her way there. Moving on to my next point...

*I don't really worry that she's not getting enough to eat although at times the thought does cross my mind. I know from pumping that there should be plenty of milk for her but sometimes when she's done nursing (she's stopped sucking, has fallen asleep, etc...), a few minutes later she'll be chewing on her hand or will keep sticking her tongue out. I'm like there's no way she can still be hungry but those are all signs of hungry except that she's not acting fussy. I asked about this today and was told that once babies discover their hands, that is a tendency to want to suck on them so it's not always a sign of hungry. I also just found out that your milk is also produced as she sucks so even if I just pump and she wants to eat, she'll still be able to get some milk.

*Most of the moms had nursing covers AKA capes. It goes around their neck to cover baby while nursing then you can just flip it around when done. I just used a blanket to cover her and me while nursing. When the moms got up to change the babies, they looked like Super Mom! Maybe I want the cover-up just so I can look like a Super Mom too. :)

*One mom said her 12 week old only pooped once a week!?! The LC said this was normal. So I asked if there was such thing as too many poops/day. She asked if I was concerned about this and I said, "Not until I heard her baby only goes once a week!"

It was definitely a good learning experience both about breastfeeding and taking AR out in public. AR was such a good baby! When she was fussy, I was able to either nurse her or rock her to sleep. I was even able to put her in her carseat to sleep and while she was awake too and she was content. I feel very blessed that AR has latched and taken to breastfeeding so well. Just hoping we are able to keep it up and I have enough for her when I go back to work!

What's a post without a cute baby picture? This is one of my favorites! AR in the bath after I just blew in her face. She's really starting to love bath time, she loves to have the water poured over her belly.

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Jenni-Bee said...

I just use a blanket for covering up too. However, when Em starts fussing, I always wish I had the one that attaches, but for such a short time a blanket for me is fine. Maybe your Mom can make you one.