Friday, July 27, 2012

Miss AR is 10 Weeks!!!

...omg, my little girl is in double digit weeks already!!! Time is flying. It's crazy to look back on pics when she was first born and see how much has changed in just 10 weeks.

*Monday she had her two month check-up and shots. She has entered the 75% of height and weight. She now weighs 11.12, is 23.5 inches long and has a head circumference of 38 cm. She did very well with the shots considering. She screamed and cried but by the time we got her to the car, she had calmed down. She was awake for awhile once we got home but then took a long nap. At 3:30, she fell asleep on my chest and at 4 I moved her to the bouncer. She woke up crying and wouldn't stop. Luckily, my dad and H got here about that time. I tried nursing her but that didn't work. I called the doc's office to catch them before they closed. They said a warm bath might help. My dad, H and I took turns holding her to keep her calm. She finally ate around 5 and seemed okay. We gave her a bath around 6:30. She was doing fine and then suddenly had a total freak out! The kind where her face turns red and she does the constant cry. H sat down and gave her a bottle. She sucked just a few seconds and then fell right to sleep. She never really got in a good deep sleep because I kept hearing her fuss or cry out. She totally sucked down the entire bottle at the dream feed and only woke up once at 1:30. On Tuesday, she seemed back to her regular self-whew! I scheduled her next shots on a morning in September when I work that evening. I hope Matt's prepared for snuggles and lovin' because he'll be home alone with her that night. I better have Grandma Star on call for that night.

*Tuesday night AR had her first visit to urgent care. She was acting total fine...eating, pooping, peeing, smiling, talking but her forehead just seemed warm to the touch. I took her temperature in the armpit and it was 99. So then I took it rectally and it was 100.3. Of course Matt's at the fair this week so I called him and he said take it again and it was 100.4. It was right before bath time so her doc's office was closed. I thought it could be because of her shots (but it'd been over 24 hours) or that our house had been warm because it's just SO HOT!

I hurried up and put her in the car seat and headed to urgent care. I went to one not super close to home but it's right in front of my in-laws so I figured if it was something, I could call them and they'd meet me or I could drop her off at their house and go get meds. Luckily, no one was there so we got in right away. Her temp there was 99. We got back into a room and she was still happy and smiling then they started poking and prodding her and she got pretty upset plus it was bedtime. I kept telling her she was a good girl and I was proud of her. I know the words don't mean anything to her but I didn't know what to say and she really was being a good girl and I was so proud of her.

The doc there called her pedi and we had to wait for her to call back. I started nursing her and then the doc came in to talk to us. I did NOT like this doctor because she seemed put off I was nursing and you could tell by her manners that she was NOT a kids doc. Oh, did I mention that while the doc was checking her and AR started crying that I started leaking? It was a fantastic time. Bottom line, AR was okay and since she's over the 8 week mark then I should only be concerned if her temp is over 101.5.

I felt good that she was okay but was upset that I overreacted. AR was fine going there but she was pissed off when we left and for now reason. I decided I wasn't going to swaddle her since she was still warm. I got home a little after 8 and started trying to put her to bed. It was almost an hour and a half before I got her to bed. I rocked her, she'd fall asleep, I'd put her in the crib and she'd freak out. We did this 3 times until I finally put her in the bouncer where she sleeps during the day and within seconds, she was out. I strapped her in and put her in my bedroom until she woke up at 11. I nursed her and then thought, hmm...maybe she wants the swaddle. Sure enough, I swaddled her, put her in the crib and she was good to go. Tuesday night was a learning night and I did it all by myself-whew!

*The dream feed stays. Last week, daddy was lazy one night and didn't get up to give it to her. She was up at 11:45 and 3am then we got up at 5 to start our day. So just the two ounces or so that she gets during that feeding is enough to get her to 1 and then until 5. Our doctor doesn't think we should give it to her. I have found that our doctor and me have a lot of difference in opinions...

*In the morning, AR will take the first breast no problem. Then she starts to really wake up and just wants to gaze around her room. Sometimes she'll just look up at me and smile. Of course, I always smile back even though I really want her to eat. I'm glad I've given us plenty of time to get going in the morning so when I go back to work AR and I can smile at each other and chat each morning. It's so sweet!

*Wednesday I took her to Ms. Pam's (her babysitter) to meet her and she did great! I feel so much more at ease. She loved on her. Her kids loved on her. She told me, "Don't worry, AR will soon be like their little sister." It's going to be a 2 year old for a couple months and about a month after AR starts then Bo, who was born June 10, will start. It makes me feel good that she'll have someone her age plus the older kids to play with. She also told me she's had to rock babies to sleep, hold them until they fell asleep, bounced them in the bouncer. I'm hoping AR doesn't need all that but it makes me feel good that she's willing to do that vs putting her down and letting her cry it out. I feel like she has the best of both worlds...the individual attention from my MIL the two days she's going to watch her and the socialization with the kids the other days. Plus she has a freezer to store milk and already told me her vacation dates for next June!

*AR is getting so good at holding her head up. In the morning, we do tummy time. Her on hers and me on mine. I'll encourage her saying, "Come can do it!" When she does, I cheer and say, "Good job!" Matt will run in from the other room and ask, "What'd I miss?"

*AR's gotten real tears. Unfortunately with shots and the urgent care visit, I've seen them more than I care to this week. :-(
Lucky daddy gets to sleep in every morning while AR and I get up at 5am. Some mornings, I'll put her in bed for snuggles while I do a few things around the house. I caught daddy snoozing while AR is watching me in the bathroom.
I totally forgot that we'd borrowed a bumbo from a friend. The other night she was holding her head up really well so we got it out. Here's her and daddy having a little chit chat.
Big girl AR in her Bumbo seat.

Tuesday I had to go into work so Papa and H watched her. Here's me and my girl when I got home. It was nice to actually get dressed NOT in tshirts and shorts but I sure missed her!
OMG! My newest fave AR pic, is that grin not adorable?

Happy 10 weeks baby! Momma loves you more than you'll ever know. OXXO

PS Thanks to anon for the tips on my last post!

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Krystie said...

how is that sweet girl old enough to sit in a bumbo?? As ever, she is adorable!