Friday, July 20, 2012

Miss AR is 9 Weeks!!! sweet baby girl is 9 weeks old today! This week was pretty uneventful, probably due to my surgery. I've just been soaking in all her smiles and talking as much as possible. I'm working hard on her to say ma ma, don't want her saying da da first!

Some highlights of the week:

*First time away from mommy for an extended period of time and she did pretty good. Took all her bottles like a good girl and latched on like normal the next morning. I was SO worried about this so I'm glad it worked out, makes me feel better about going back to work.

*Dream feed is not really working so we're debating dropping it. We're able to feed her about 2 oz without waking her up but it's not making her sleep any longer so what's the point? It's an extra feeding too so it's not like we're taking away food from her.

*AR gets her shots on Monday. Finally we can get out in public and boy are we-our next two weeks are busy, busy, busy!

*I've always heard about Mommy Wars. I do my best to stay out of drama. I realize everyone is different so let me have my opinions and you can have yours. I have felt the Mommy Wars some but you know what, AR's my girl, I'm her mommy and I do what's best for her and me. Period. The end.

*Bedtime is getting better. She doesn't fight us nearly as much so moving it up an hour really has worked out. Some nights it still takes her about an hour to fall asleep and we're constantly in and out of her room putting the paci back in. However, the last 2 nights, she's fallen asleep as soon as she's done eating.

*She's loving baths more and more. She loves to do water aerobics aka kicking her feet back and forth in the water. I'm trying to get her to splash the water with her hands. I can't wait to start taking her swimming but mom's waiting on release from doc post surgery and I think AR needs to be able to hold her head up just a little bit better.

*Seems like AR's been spitting up a little bit more. Nothing too alarming and I usually just take it because we're not leaving the house. However, it always surprises Nana who moves her around and gets the spit up all over-silly Nana! Sunday night was the first super messy night...spit up all over me, her, the swaddle-hot mess!

*I took AR to Cotton Babies on Monday. We wore the Moby Wrap, she slept the whole time. Then when I went to check out, she started to get fussy which I knew it was feeding time. I sat down in one of their comfy chairs with a pillow and nursed her. First time to nurse in public (minus the BFing class at the hospital) and it went well!

Now on to cute baby pics...

Mommy and AR, such a serious little girl

I bought this duck towel for H when she was born and told my sis to save it for me when I had a baby. Eight years later and she did save it! Here's AR not so happy in it...

Here we are the next night and she's MUCH happier! Please ignore my still pregnant looking belly. :-)
Happy 9 Weeks Baby Girl! Momma loves you more than you'll ever know. OXXO


Krystie said...

She is such a cutie! And YOUR twin! And girl your belly is absolutely fine! you JUST HAD A BABY! ( please remind ME of this in a few weeks)

Jenni-Bee said...

Omg, I love the pics!!! She is so gorgeous in that first one, wow!

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