Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Much???

...question to the mommas out there. I've had two days that I've been away from AR and she's had bottles. I leave 4 oz bottles for her. Both times I've been gone, the people watching her say that she only eats about 2 oz at feeding time then about 45-60 minutes later, she'll finish off the bottle. When I nurse her, I only feed her at feeding time. We don't feed one side and then do another an hour later. At most, we might spend 10 minutes between boobs and that's just when she falls asleep and I can't wake her up right away. I was worried she wasn't gaining/eating enough but after her doctor's appointment this week, she's in the 75th percentile so I'm not concerned about that.

My question is hmm...why? With less than three weeks left in my maternity leave, I'm just trying to figure out how much milk/bottles I need for the sitter. We go meet with the sitter tomorrow so I'm hoping she might have some insight as well.


Anonymous said...

the # of bottles should be the same as the # of breastfeeding sessions... since breast milk can be finished up to 24 hours later I wouldn't stress about "why" she finishes the bottle an hour later. Don't feel like you or her have to go by a set schedule where she shouldn't be eating at certain times, she knows when she needs/doesn't need milk. As far as why she takes more milk an hour later with the bottle, you can't really tell how much she gets while nursing - maybe she's nursing and getting 3oz but she's not able to get the same w. the bottle? bottom line is I wouldn't worry about the "why" issue. If you are worried about having unused milk when you go to pick her up you can make that last bottle smaller.

I know its natural to worry or be concerned about these things before you return to work but baby girl knows what she needs.

Jenni-Bee said...

Emma's doctor (the male one) just told me today that a baby naturally gets more fromteh breast because of comfort. The bottle isn't as comforting as the body-to-body breast feeding time.

Also, a nurse told me that when bottle-feeding, a baby will feed longer if the person who is giving it to them looks them in the eyes if their eyes are open.

This is all just hear-say, but maybe there's something behind it.