Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An Afternoon with the Fam & Hiking...

...Last Thurday I got off work early. Matt is really trying to help me stay with the exercising and encouraging me. Since I was off work, we decided to head out to Busch Wildlife and hike. We were gone for an hour and it was a really good workout and lots of fun! We drew arrows in the snow to make sure we knew our way back. I'm going to do another post later this week about all the tracks we saw but for today's...my pups led the way:
We found one of the frozen lakes. After checking for thickness, Matt and Shadow braved their way onto the ice. Matt showed me where others had already been there to go ice fishing.
Along the way, Emma found something really interesting in this stump. Glad she didn't find out WHAT it was.
Quick pic of Mattie and I in the Christmas Tree Graveyard:
We finally got back to the truck and Shadie was ready to go, can you tell?
We were ALL wore out and sleep VERY good that night!!! Oh, I also wore my Red Wing boots and my feet weren't ever cold!


from C to C said...

Looks like a fun family hike!!

Julie said...

We might hike 2 miles today...all for Keith to get a movie he wants...I'd rather hike in this weather than drive!!

Stephany said...

Looks like so much fun! I absolutely love the picture of your and your hubby. <3

Mary said...

I hate it when the dogs get their noses in tree stumps-I'm so afraid of what's living in there!