Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kitchen Addition...

...we got an over the hood microwave!!! I'm so flippin' excited. We've had this monstorous microwave that sits on our counter since I've lived here. It was actually my sister's microwave that I took to college then to my apartment in SC and then to this house. Whenever I would cook, it was such a pain because I had NO counter space.

My MIL came over before Christmas and we got to talking about the house and what needed to be updated and such. She picked up on me complaining about the microwave so for Christmas, her and my FIL gave us $300 for this project.

Perfect! But like any project, you get nickeled and dimed so the microwave was under $300 but then we have to buy white metal for the backsplash (or whatever it is) and that was a $100 then the electric box had to be installed then all this little stuff. Oh well...bottom line is that it's done! Ta da!!!
While Matt cleaned up his mess, I scrubed the whole stove since it was out and every side was easily accessible. Then we put everything together and just look at that extra counter space!

Only down side is that there isn't a lot of room between the stove and microwave so you have to bend a little to see the knobs and clock but it's worth it! Plus now all the ugly brown paneling from the old stove is gone!
Matt's been off quite a bit last month but he's gotten a TON of updating/renovating done. We've added ceiling fans in our bedrooms, FINALLY finished the hall bathroom (kinda) and then this microwave thing. Luckily, we'd purchased the projects over the past couple years so we didn't spend TOO much money all at once. I'll try to post about the other updates around the house.
Thank you pretty! I love the microwave and I'll do my best to keep it clean even though you let your BBQ baked potato explode in it over the weekend!


from C to C said...

Love the new look!!

Song Sparrow said...

Looks good! Enjoy the counter space!

Adie said...

Awesome! Yay for counterspace, it looks great!

Stephany said...

Looks great, Alyssa!

I really hate our stove. It's from, like, 1980 and totally yucky. I want your stove!!