Friday, February 25, 2011

It's FRIDAY!!!

…the week is over! Whew! Where has it gone? Well, I was off work Monday and today, so with a three day work week, I’m not surprised that it flew by. Some random stories throughout the week:

*I went grocery shopping last Friday and was super stoked about a bag of oranges for $3 and they were HUGE too! I love oranges so it was great. Then I got home and realized they were grapefruits. FAIL!
*Tuesday at work, I was driving the big huge 15 passenger van when BAM! I hit a mailbox. I had scooted over so there was room for both a big delivery truck and me on a narrow road. Sigh…FAIL!
*Matt and I are both off work today so we’re cleaning the house from top to bottom for the party tomorrow. I’m so worried about seating and what people will think of our house. It’s nothing fancy so I’m just warning you all now.
*I’ve done really well on my diet that past two weeks, both eating and exercising. I haven’t really weighed myself but pants are fitting looser so that’s exciting!
*I’ve come home late two nights this week and Matt had dinner ready for me. This was super exciting (and both meals were delish!); however, Matt tends to add ingredients that I don’t and that add calories! I’ve had to politely tell him to just make mine plain and I’ll add what I want. He tries though and I appreciate that.
*I’m so ready for race season to start!!!
*I might be helping with the 5k Training Program at work. By no means am I an expert or have the knowledge but the group ranges from people who want to run sub-30 5ks to people who just want to walk a 5k. Being a slower runner, I know what it’s like to be at the back of the pack so I said I’d help out bringing up the rear. I’m excited about it so let’s hope it warms up so we can get some outside runs!!!
*Sensitive, yes that’s me, I’m sensitive. Matt can say “yes” the wrong way and I’ll start questioning why right away. Sometimes its certain issues that make people upset but the point of this rambling is that in this blog land and in my IF blog land, people have written certain posts that have upset other bloggers. Long story short, yes I’ve been on both ends of being insensitive and being over-sensitive but what it boils down to is that everyone has their own cross to carry. Just because we can’t have kids doesn’t mean I have it “worst” than a mom who is having trouble with her child going through the terrible twos. I guess what I’m saying is that blogging is for “ourselves,” our outlets to talk about whatever we want. I don’t think any of us write things setting out to be mean or hurt others feelings, I think we all just write for ourselves.

I know this is all jumbled and all over the place today but that’s how my mind has been this week if you can’t tell by #1 and #2 bonehead things I’ve done this week. I’m looking forward to my party tomorrow night and even bought my favorite bottle of wine to enjoy a glass or two, Lord knows I’ll need it! Happy Friday all!


Teenage Bride said...

hahaha I have hit my fair share of mailboxes too.

have a great weekend

Meredith said...

Pants fitting looser trumps weight loss ANY DAY in my book! Good job!

Stephany said...

I hope you have a great party! The worst thing about house parties is cleaning everything!! Ugh...I really hate when my mom & I host shindigs at our house because it means SO. MUCH. CLEANING.

Julie said...

Psh don't worry about your house, I'm sure its fine and it makes you who you are and that's all that matters.

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I am having a hard time figuring out what to give up as well for Lent...?? In the past I have done: soda, sweet tea, fast food, chocolate, potatoes(that was hard). Maybe some of those idea will help??
This is year I thought about doing the special K diet for 8 weeks?

Christy said...

I hit a mailbox with the passenger side mirror of our van - I thought I was being shot at! The sound of the glass shattering was was so loud!

Glad the party was a success!