Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grocery Thursday Part II...

...week 2 and we stuck to the food plan! The meals:

Monday-Tacos w/ deer burger
Tuesday-Pork Steaks & Baby Potatoes
Wednesday-Fish & Green beans
Thursday-Chicken & Rice
Friday-Spaghetti w/ deer burger
Saturday-Bacon & tomato sandwich & baked Chips
Sunday-Ham & Mashed Cauliflower

Okay, so this week's grocery bill was a bit more expensive because 1. we needed pork and 2. we ate at home every night (except for Sunday because of the church's annual sausage supper). Grand total: $70.33 BUT keep in mind that $22.97 was for a 50 lb bag of dog food so if you subtract that, then I spent $47.36 on groceries for the humans. I bought pork chops instead of pork steaks because they were on sale. The pork chops were an eight-pack so I can freeze those and not have to spend as much next time I go.

Honestly, this week I LOVED every meal except the bacon and tomato sandwiches; I overcooked Matt's bacon and undercooked mine. I even made some meals ahead of time when I had to work in the evening. I was totally bummed because I REALLY want to try the mashed cauliflower!!!


Teenage Bride said...

wow if I couled even plan one meal out in advance that would a big step haha

Krystie said...

Good Job girl on the meal planning!

Do you keep a paper or white board on your fridge, so when hubby asks "what's for dinner?" he can refer to the paper? ;)

I still can't get over deer burger. It makes me gag.