Friday, February 18, 2011

New Game Plan...

...okay, so I had created this elaborate plan for Jen and I with our half marathon training starting on January 3. We did okay for a couple weeks then fell off the wagon. I'm trying my bestest to get back on it. I've decided to reevaluate and regroup so here's my new plan.

From now until my birthday:

Monday/Wednesday-Group Fitness classes at work
Thursday-Run on the treadmill
Sometime Friday, Saturday or Sunday-run outside

Group Fitness-My work has started offering free fitness classes on M/W at 1pm. "Alyssa, you work at a gym-what's the big deal about that?" Well, 1. it's in the afternoon which is our slower time and 2. it's a much smaller class with people you know. So far it's worked me REALLY hard and it's been fun.

Swim-For the past 2 years, I've been trying to make the Swim Mileage Club at work. My goal was to always get a shirt (25 miles), I always failed. Apparently so did everyone else. The guy in charge changed it to 15 miles which I know I can TOTALLY do! This past Tuesday, I decided to swim. I thought I'd just do a half mile. I did and it wasn't 30 minutes yet. So I thought I'd swim at least 30 minutes then I thought just go for it! So in 38 minutes (nothing impressive) I swam a mile!!! Now only 14 more to go!

Run on Treadmill-Just trying to get back my endurance and build up my mileage.

Outside Run-Friday/Saturday/Sunday, two days will be my rest days (or maybe small walks around the neighborhood). One day though, I'm going to just run set mileage, just run. During my training last year, I did the majority of my training on the treadmill and there's a HUGE difference between that and running outside on a race course.

Starting March 14, we'll be 8 weeks out from the Indy 500 Half Marathon. I'm following a different yet similar training plan I followed last year. I'm going to try out the Intermediate Half Marathon Plan from Fitness Magazine (printed March 2010). If it's too hard then I'll go back to the trusty plan I did last year. My goal for this training is to do ALL my long runs outside.

So I've regrouped and recharged and now I'm moving forward!


Teenage Bride said...

you make me feel like such a slacker haha

Meredith said...

I love how you're doing more than just running--it's good encouragement for me! a

Adie said...

Okay I think I have said it before but, YOU GOT THIS!! You are so motivated and good at sticking to things. Like when you said Adie lets run, and you ran (and I didn't :()

Stephany said...

I'm starting to see how much training plans change as you get into the training part. While I'm sticking to my mileage, I have missed some days and have switched from hoping for a time goal and trying to stick to that during my runs to just running to finish. My goal for the half is to just finish, even if I walk most of it, so this also needs to be my goals for my runs.

We can do this, Alyssa! Woohoo!

Amy said...

So need to do the same and get my ducks in a row. Unfortunately, those darn Cadbury Eggs get me every time ;)