Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow=Forgetting How to Park...

...I'm sure you all heard we had Snowmaggedon here last week. It really wasn't as bad as we were expecting although my work did close early and open late for the first time in history!!! Anyways, Snowmaggedon must have made people forget how to park.

See how intimidating the snow in the parking lot is:
Oops! We can't pull all the way into our spot, so instead of finding a different spot (two away, an extra 12 feet to walk), we'll just block half the lot so cars have about 2 inches to spare on either side.
Or better yet, I'll pull in behind a car that pulled too far through and just block them in. Yes, people all three of these cars are parked-no drivers around:
But you know what would be REALLY awesome, I'll just park in the middle of the lane and not worry about it:
Yes, people, these are all real situations and yes, this was all in the SAME parking lot. Come on spring!!! People forget how to park and drive in the snow, we need the spring weather to get here ASAP.


Adie said...

Don't get me started! :) In the parking garge people park like morons and there is NO margin for error in there to begin with. There isn't even snow in the parking garge. WTH?? Thanks for writing this so I could get that out. :)

Teenage Bride said...

hahahaha wow some people!

Cecilia said...

LMAO!! This is the best post of the day. Great photos, girl.b