Monday, February 14, 2011

Truffle Shuffle...

...this past Saturday, Matt and I ran/walked in the 4 Mile Truffle Shuffle by Big River Running.
WOW!!! I was nervous going into this race bc let's be honest...I haven't trained at all but I REALLY shocked myself!!! This was the 4 Mile Truffle Shuffle by Big River Running. We started the race and as soon as we crossed the start, Matt looked at me and said, "Good luck pretty! Love you!" I told him the same and he took off. I was a bit confused on the course bc it was BACKWARDS what the video on their website showed. Oh well! My goal was to at least run the first mile and I did AND SOME!!! I walked a bit until we got on the trail, which was like a skating rink in parts but I survived and didn't bust it.

At mile two, I found my competition: 'Ole Blue and Tights. The three of us kept trading places for all of mile 2-3. 'Ole Blue was making it obvious bc she'd glance over her shoulder at me and if I was walking then she was, if I was running, she was. Between 2 and 3 was a much needed water station BUT NO CUPS!!! I was totally bummed bc I REALLY needed some agua. Oh well, keep on. I ran to the next main road and then I walked the STEEP hill knowing I wanted to save up my energy for a big finish.

A little after mile 3, the STEEP hill ended and I started running again. I turned back into the college where the finish was. At this time, 'Ole Blue was behind me and Tights was ahead of me. Then Tights started walking!!! I got to her and looked over at her. I huffed and puffed these words to her, "Hey...we're going to finish running. See those two ladies? We're going to pass them." She nodded okay, walked a bit more then told me she was ready. So the two of us took off and finished strong! I beat Tights across the finish line with 'Ole Blue behind both of us. I walked over and high-fived Tights then Matt was there to tell me good job and the other couple that did the race with us.

Matt ran it in 38:20! I'm so proud of him-that's under 10 minute miles!!! He also said he didn't walk at all and he's super stoked for our annual 5k if he did this well in this race. Great job Pretty!!!

When I saw the time on the clock, my eyeballs about popped out of my head!!! My goal was under an hour and I was just barely over 50 minutes!!! WOOHOO!!! I would say I probably ran 80% and walked 20% so I DEFINITELY liked that. Not my strongest race but it felt good to know I could still do it and to get a race under my belt for 2011. Not to mention the chocolate medal that was given to me as soon as I crossed the finish line-that was a bonus!!!

We signed up in the Sweetheart Division so we had to wear these bibs that said "Taken"
If you beat Cupid's time then you won a bottle of wine. Cupid is the new store manager at Big River's O'Fallon store. His time was like 28 minutes. Here's Holly and I with him:
We finished!!! Definitely wore WAY too many clothes but I'd rather be warm than cold. After Snowmaggedon, it was a perfect day!!!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! Hope you spend it with people you love...spouses, puppies, kiddos, parents, siblings, freinds! I'm working tonight so we celebrated last night with dinner at Sho-Gun so tonight Matt's home lovin' on the pups!


Julie said...

Awesome job!!

from C to C said...

Looks like a lot of fun, glad you beat your time!!

Adie said...

What a fun run! I won't lie I was drooling over the chocolate!

Stephany said...

I am SO PROUD of you, Alyssa! You did so awesome. Yay! And congrats to Matt as well. Awesome times for both of you!