Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Compliment Yourself!!!

...okay, so for the past 1+ year, I've really had an issue with my self-image. It's horrible! I've wanted to blog about it but I didn't want it to come off as a pity post just to get comments that "I'm great!"

Well this past Saturday morning, I woke up feeling down about a comment that Matt made to me (hey, we all hurt each other feelings from time to time even if by accident), and hopped on FB. My good 'ole friend (and very CUTE friend at that!) Stan had on his FB status, "Compliment Yourself! Share something great or one of the favorite qualities about yourself."

Ten hours later, he posted another status, "There are 2800+ friends on my list and when asked to compliment yourselves, 15 hits??? That's all? If this were a trivial comment or something negative we'd JUMP on it. Give yourself Shine! Write it, then read it so you believe it. Compliment Yourself =) Share something great or one of the favorite qualities about yourself."

How true is that? We're all over statuses/blog posts that we disagree with or that come across negative but asked to compliment ourselves and we can't think of a single thing. Maybe it's because we're too hard on ourselves, maybe it's because we're afraid of coming across as cocky but today, I say WHO CARES!!! My challenge for you is to leave a comment COMPLIMENTING YOURSELF! Tell me about your great hair, your awesome personality, your pretty eyes and NO DISCLAIMERS! Just tell it like it is! I'll get us started:

*I'm really good at remembering certain things. If I met you 6 months ago, I can remember your name and probably even what you were wearing.
*I'm good at my finances.
*I'm good about blogging! :)

Okay, so there, I compliemented myself so now it's your turn...what makes you SHINE???


Jennelle said...

I love this!!

I'm smart, and good at my job. :)

Christy said...

Nice job! Glad you followed through on this.

I'm a good writer.

Hmmm. That was harder to say than it should have been. Guess it's been so drilled in my head that we shouldn't toot our own horns that I have a hard time saying I'm good at something.

Angie said...

Great post! I feel that everyone is too hard on themselves. I think i'm a good mom, and that i'm good at party planning, and i can remember lots of useless trivia.

Adie said...

Love this post! I am def too hard on myself.

I am good at details and finding a way to make things work.

Yikes this is tough, I know I am good at something else.

Meg said...

I love this post!!!! Here goes:
I'm smart, funny and strong. And I think that I'm pretty!

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, this is amazing and much needed right now! Thank you for this little pick me up.

I am smart, fun, a good listener, and I am really organized!

seberu said...

I've been having a love affair with my hair for a while now. Ever since I cut it short, it does what I want it to (most of the times). I haven't sat in front of a mirror and said, "Man, I hate my hair!" in a loooong time.

Stephany said...

This is such a fun post, Alyssa! What a great idea! I am ridiculously good at remembering birthdates. Like, I basically know the birthdates of all 80-something kids in my center. If I see it once, I remember it. Weird! But kinda awesome, too. I also know the birthdates of just about all my blog friends. :)

Oh, and I'm pretty funny. Or at least I like to think so!

Julie said...

Good topic:

Let's see...I'm always a true friend who is here for you no matter what. I'm very good with locations, if I've been there once, most likely I can find my way back with no problems. I'm also very patient...I guess to an extent!

Angie said...

GREAT blog!!!!!! Let's see...I'm good about getting help when it's needed. I'm smart and good at my job. I'm a good wife and stepmom. I know there are a lot of other good things about me, and that's a good thing too.

Kim (Bax) Thompson said...

I hope you compliment yourself every day because you are simply wonderful - there - that's a compliment for YOU!

And, I think I am smart, and wildly independent woman who cares a whole lot.

And, let's compliment Stan. For his great FB post and for just being HOT.

Jenn said...

Awesome blog post Alyssa!! We all need to do this more often!

I have pretty eyes.

Cecilia said...

Wow, Alyssa. Great post. Now I have to think.

I'm a good cook.
I like the color of my hair.
I smile a lot.