Tuesday, March 1, 2011


...race season is upon us! My two big races are the Indy 500 Mini Marathon in May and then my favorite Hospital Hill Run in June. Both are half marathons. Matt doesn't think I need a pacer and I may not but it's WAY more fun running with someone. My good Daily Mile friend, Mary Beth, will be running the Indy 500 race with me. I've never met her in real life but she's become a great friend on Daily Mile offering me lots of support and encouragement, not just in running but in life in general. She's ran this race before so that's a bonus too.

For Hospital Hill, my ex-co-worker but still good friend, Shelley will be pacing me. She just recently moved to KC and has lead me on a couple training runs for my past races. She was on our triathlon team last year; (L to R) Amy, me, Shell:

Yeah, she's fast!!! She ran the 5k in 23:24 (only a dream time for me!) and she's ran Boston once but qualified twice. She's great about giving me tips and sharing her water! I'm pretty excited about the race in general but esp to be running it with her!
Her husband is hilarious so Matt should have a good time with him while tracking us on the course. Matt told me I'd better get to training hard so I don't disappoint her, he's right! Hard core training starts in 13 days!

I love my Sherrie, who paced me in Hospital Hill last summer and the full in the fall, but I have to share. She'll be pacing someone else for Hospital Hill, not sure who it is but they are VERY lucky because Sherrie is AMAZING!!!

RABBIT! RABBIT! OH! And 13 days until my birthday!


Cecilia said...

I'm a firm believer that running with someone else makes you faster. I've never had a an actual pacer. No need to at this point. But just running with someone in the 5 miler last month made it so much better.

Adie said...

I can't wait to see your results! I have loved watching your journey!

Julie said...

Got any fun plans for your bday??

Stephany said...

Actually, I don't really like running with pacers! Is that weird? I feel like I have too much pressure to be as fast as them and feel like I'm bringing them down. So I like just to run by myself. :)

To each their own, right?

Christy said...

You are going to do great! Can't wait to hear all about it.