Thursday, March 3, 2011

Grocery Thursday Part III...

...meal plans for week 3. We didn't eat at home on Saturday because I had my Tastefully Simple and Homemade Gourmet party. I also replaced the giant salad on Sunday with some potato soup. My Tastefully Simple lady gave me a packet and all I had to do was add water-easy and cheap!

Monday-Chicken Pasta Salad
Tuesday-Deer steak & Green beans
Wednesday-Chicken w/ bbq sauce & Corn
Thursday-Taco Soup w/ deer burger
Friday-Easy Baked Fish & Chip
Saturday-Chicken a la King with Rice
Sunday-Giant salad with ranch

The grand total for groceries this week was $67.59. The only non-food related item was a $5 DVD I bought for my dad. Part of the reason this bill was higher than normal was because Matt's back to work regularly. I spent about $21 just on his lunch and the rest of the bill was on breakfast and dinner for both of us and lunch for me. I accidentally bought grapefruits instead of oranges (GROSS!!!).

Improvisions: On Tuesday, we had leftover veggies from Monday night. Matt steamed them with a little butter and salt/pepper. OMG! They were AMAZING! We nixed the salad and had Potato Soup instead (got it from my Tastefully Simple Party).

The Kraft Baked Fish and Chips recipe=gross! We'll be replacing it soon. The chips turned out good but the fish not so much.

We also moved the Taco Soup to Sunday because there's usually plenty of leftovers which we were going to use in place of dinner the following week.

P.S.-Ten days until my birthday!

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Julie said...

I've been making it habit to use everything I can in our house before going to the store so I've been coming up with ideas, however your lists give me new ones :)