Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Highway 61 Roadhouse & Kitchen...

...After all the morning activities, Mattie and I headed to Highway 61 Roadhouse & Kitchen. Their menu was HUGE and they had LOTS of non-potato options. To get there though was like a wild goose chase. My directions were from Interstate 70 but Matt wanted to take Hwy 40. It was quite the adventure and then when we were almost there, the directions said "Take a slight right." but Matt thought it was a regular right when we go there and we missed it. LOL-surprised we didn't kill each other but we did realize we could never go on Amazing Race together. We FINALLY found it and it wasn't busy at all but then again it was like 3 in the afternoon.

I have to be honest, I wasn't in love with this place. I'm not a huge Cajun fan. I knew it was Cajun but sometimes things like that don't click. Matt thought it was great. We both agreed we'd go back again if we were in the area but we wouldn't make a special trip to go back.

I apologize for no pictures of food. Matt thinks its weird to take pictures of that so I'm not allowed to take them. :( Anyways, we started off with Gator Toes (which were really just chicken) and we got the honey bourbon sauce. Um...yeah, the sauce was just liquid and tasted like bourbon-GROSS!!! I asked for BBQ and it was a little too spicky for my liking, so I had my Gator Toes plain.

They have "B-Side" on their menus which are HUGE portions of sides. I ordered 2 B-sides: BBQ spagetti and Mac-n-Cheese. The BBQ spaghetti, not that great. Way too much of that spicy BBQ sauce. In the back of my mind, I had a feeling I wouldn't like this but I also had my mind set on ordering it. Oh well...I can say I've tried it. The Mac-n-Cheese was pretty fab with the bread crumbs on top, a bit burnt in spots but I was licking the bottom of the bowl.

Now for my husband...he ordered the 24 ounce porksteak and B-Sides of Mac-n-Cheese and mashed taters. The mashed taters were a HUGE serving and looked so good but I didn't have any although I REALLY wanted some. Now his porksteak, this thing was HUGE and I had a few bites. It was so moist and juicy and just melted in your mouth. Definitely 4 thumbs up on that (Matt and I both!). Then Matt showed me how he'd rotate his steak if he was in a steak eating contest.

I finished this post then two hours later, I realized I forgot the dessert! How in the world could a dessert-lover like me forget that?! Matt had a slice of the Mississippi Mud Pie and it was served with mocha ice cream. The mocha is what made me not order this and I'm glad I didn't although him, as a coffee lover, loved it! I did taste the pie and it was OMG-melt in your mouth goodness. It tasted like warm brownie batter-delish! I got the Banana Muffin Bread Pudding. It was a HUGE serving that I shared with Mattie and pure deliciousness. We both LOVED the desserts.

The place was kind of bare with people but really cool decorated. We decided it would be a good place to hang out with friends. I would have expected more Cajun music instead we got Christmas music! As we were eating dinner, a song came on with no words. I looked at hubs and said, "I think this is Silent Night." He was like nah...then in the next second he laughed and agreed. Before too long, the song was cut short. Then later, right before we left, on came "Oh Christmas Tree!" It was kind of funny and odd at the same time. Here's my hubs and I both happy and stuffed after dinner.

On the way home, all these songs came on the radio that reminded me of middle school and I'm sure Mattie enjoyed my serenade of Alanis Morrisette and TLC. I got home and laid down for a nap, when I woke up I realized it was 7pm! OYE! It'll take awhile to get used to the time change.

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Cecilia said...

Probably won't be a place I try. Their menu wasn't all that appealing to me. I think my hubs would enjoy it though. LOVE hearing all the old songs. Takes me away to another place.