Wednesday, March 7, 2012


...well folks, thought I'd share this comparision photo for you:

Funny though, if I'm not wearing a maternity top, you totally can't see the bump and friends, I'm 30 weeks! As I've stated before, as long as Baby G is okay, I don't mind not having a big bump.

I am slightly concerned though because I'm in a wedding April 28. I ordered one size bigger and an extra yard of fabric. I'm getting the dress this weekend and I'm pretty sure it'll fit as is now. My concern what if I "pop" and get a giant belly right before the wedding! Then I'll be frantically getting it altered.

I must say that as my belly is growing, I believe so it my butt. The other night, Matt told me I had a big butt to which I replied it was a "baby butt." His response, "I don't think you're carrying the baby in your butt." 


Julie said...

Corset dresses are the way to go with pregnant women. My SIL was in your same position except she had just given birth to the baby and was to be in the wedding so she still had the weight. She borrowed the red corset dress of mine that I wore in a wedding and it all worked out!!

Liz said...

On the bright side, you can probably still wear a lot of normal clothes and you're less likely to experience stretch marks.

Oh and I'm pretty sure my butt grew before my belly did. I say it's to balance out our growing bellies so we don't topple over. ;)

Mrs. Fabulous said...

You look great! Can't believe it's 30 weeks already! :)