Monday, March 12, 2012

Master the Met 2012...

...once again we pulled together team Stairway to Heaving and they all did a great job Mastering the Met. Here's the team from this year:
We had a few more teammates but some were sick or had to go out of town, it's just that time of year! Overall though, our team raised over $2,000 for the American Lung Assocation which is AWESOME!!! And everyone made it to the top and survived all 40 flights of stairs-you guys rock! I was supposed to climb but Maggie's husband Steve filled in for me.

While waiting there was LOTS of eye candy in the form of cute firemen! Luckily, I saw that a LOT of the cute ones work at the fire department just around the block from my house. Hello Cute Firemen, I'll be stopping by to have you install my carseat, thank you very much! Here is an attempt to get a pic of a cute one behind Holly, yes, I'm like a teenager!
Ronda's father passed away in January from lung cancer. She did an amazing job raising over $600 and wore a picture of her dad on her back. At the end of the race, she posted his picture on the "I Climb Because..." banner and wrote a note. I think she did an amazing job honoring her father:
The team with their Master the Met shirts they earned. So proud of all of them!!!
Great job team! Can't wait until next year!!!


Sara said...

Awesome job! I used to work on the 37th floor of the Met and when we had fire drills we had to go down the stairs to the basement. I'm sure going UP is much much worse, but man would I be sore the next day!

Jessa said...

I mastered the met for the first time this year.. we lost Dad 1 month and 1 day later to lung cancer. This year I was the slowest person to finish :) My goal for 2013 is to nto come in last! See you and the rest of the heavers there!