Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nesting with My Momma...

...whew! It's been a busy, busy weekend to say the least. Yesterday, I worked until about 12:30, had lunch with some great Twitter gals and then came home to a broken cell phone. After almost two hours, I had a "new" phone that rings like a Mario game and I'm seriously contemplating getting texting and picture text but that's for another day.

This morning, my mom arrived at my house and we made a mad dash to Target where I got 2 new spring maternity tops (to be displayed later) and a pair of cargo capris. We also bought a new shade for the lamp in the nursery but have to wait for Matt to see if it will work together.

After Target, we headed to lunch with my MIL where the two dished about Baby G and I had to refrain from some major eye rolling. Soapbox for one minute, I am my own person with my own opinions. While it may be "okay" in the eyes of someone to borrow certain baby items, in my eyes it may not so don't tell me it's okay and that's what I should do. Trust me, I'm all about borrowing (you should see our basement with all the toys and things that we've already gotten used from friends) but there are just certain things that I do not feel comfortable borrowing (I'm leaving out what this certain item is because I don't want to cause a debate). Other than that, it was a good lunch but I'm ready for a home cooked meal because I think I've eaten out 4 of the last 5 days.

After lunch, my mom and I hit up the grocery store for the weekly items AND to make some meals to freeze for when Baby G arrives. Thank you Pinterest for lots of ideas! I checked out this blog for recipes and we made 2 that were listed: Sausage & Peppers and the Teriyaki Chicken which made a total of 4 meals for us, we just have to add the starch when the time comes to make the meal. I think my mom is planning on making us a lot more frozen meals, today was just a trial run. The one bad thing about a lot of the blogs I came across for freezing including soups and stews which I don't think we'll be eating much of come May/June. Here's a pic of my mom with the finished product:
She also made us dinner for Sunday/Monday night (yum-steak and rice!!! An Hfield family favorite!), helped me move the couch and wash the windows in the living room AND we made what I call Hoosier Turtles to share with our classmates tomorrow night since it's our last baby class (I still owe you a recap of Class #3 which had TONS of information!).

OH! And my mom made me her famous homemade chocolate frosting. This has become a pregnancy tradition if you will. I make the cake, she makes the frosting and this momma is happy! She'll be back up here the weekend of my showers and is staying that Sunday to help me put all the baby items we receive away.

We also sorted through a lot of the clothes we already bought and she fitted the baby quilts she made on the bed (but I had to leave the room so I have no idea what they look like). When I say quilts, I mean a girl one, a boy one and about 4 others! She also made the cutest little hats for either a boy or a girl for him/her to wear while at the hospital. After our tour, I decided I wanted to bring my own hats so that s/he didn't look like every other baby at the hospital. I'm so lucky I have such a crafy mom!!!

I sent her a link the other day to make a shopping cart cover and a Moby wrap to which she replied, "When is this baby getting here so that mom will stop finding projects for granny!" I told her that the projects were going to be ongoing, I just may not have as much time to search online for them. 

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Slamdunk said...

Man, all that sounds great. Mom should go into business and make her cooking available for hiring.