Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our First Baby Class...

...last night, Matt and I had our first baby class. I was kind of nervous going into it because I had no idea what to expect but I came out feeling really good. First off, this whole time Matt and I have said we wanted to deliver and go to this certain hospital (which is where we're going). As he was driving us there for the class, he started to head to the hospital across the street. I think this whole time he's been thinking of the other hospital-oops!

We arrived and were the first couple-shocker, I know! There are 5 other couples in the class. Let's discuss them shall we:
Couple #1-Sarah & Adam (or Ada M. as I first read his nametag)-he's very supportive, constantly holding her hand or rubbing her leg. She is VERY serious, I think I saw her smile once. I don't know if she's super concerned or what but she looked scared the whole time. They're having a boy.

Couple #2-Ashley & TJ-similar to Matt & I and not just because TJ works at a nursery for trees not babies. Laid back, funny and when the nurse said that a sign of labor was nesting, TJ said, "she's been nesting since she found out she was pregnant!" Matt nodded in agreement. They're having a boy.

Couple #3-Can't remember her name & Brian-she is very quiet, didn't say much and had swollen feet. Brian didn't talk a lot but had this loud, contagious laugh. They are not finding out.

Couple #4-Kathryn & Eric-in their 40s, pregnant with twins and somehow the whole class gets geared towards them. Having a boy and a girl.

Couple #5-CC & can't remember his name-very quiet, the end. They seriously didn't say much. Not finding out.

So that's our classmates (just wanted to document that so when I look back in a year, I can remember). It's a laid back class and everyone seems to get along. The older couple ask good questions but at the same time, the nurse will say, "This will happen...but not for you" and then that starts a whole discussion.

Important things we learned from Class #1
*Notes for ourselves to add to our birth plan: Matt cutting umbilical cord & Kangaroo Care
*More than 4 contractions in 1 hour before 37 weeks, call doctor
*More tense you are, the more pain (this is something I need to remember!)
*4 P's of Labor: Passageway, Passenger, Powers, Psyche
*Lots of contraction apps on your phone-check that out
*5-1-1-go to the hospital! Contractions 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute each for one hour
*Go to the hospital if your water breaks...you will be able to tell the difference between urine and your bag of waters!

We covered lots of other topics and watched some really cool videos. We also spent the last 45 minutes working on breathing (which I suck at!), relaxing and the coach helping. She said to practice at home which if that means Matt rubbing my back then heck yeah-we'll practice every night! Matt was trying to rub my ears and play with my hair which we have determined is a no-no which lead to me asking if I could wear a headband and ponytail holder. The nurse said yes which made me happy!

Here's a fun analogy that she said:

Some people like to go running through Forest Park, others like to drive through Forest Park. It's your decision whether to go natural (running) or drive (epidural) but either way, it's your choice, no choice is wrong.

We have not made our decision what we'll be doing yet. Well, Matt wants me to go natural. I'm not opposed to it but I'm very concerned that I won't be able to handle it. My fear is that I'm going to be paralyzed by pain and won't be able to follow through. I plan on asking lots of questions when we cover that in our class.

So night #1 done! I'm excited to see what the rest have in store for us.


Liz said...

Oh I hope you'll keep posting these updates. We've opted not to do the childbirth class and we're doing newborn care class instead. But maybe your cliffs notes version will help me feel more prepared!

Anonymous said...

Fun stuff! :)

If you are thinking natural may be an option, check out Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth. I think it would help ease some of your fear regarding the pain. She also talks a lot about how to remain relaxed to help with that tense=pain continuum.

Meredith said...

One thing I remember from birth class was that if you get an epidural AFTER you're 4cm dilated, it drastically reduces the potential for c-sections and also other complications. So for me, it was just my goal to wait until I got to 4cm and then reevaluate if I felt like I needed/wanted an epidural then.

Teenage Bride said...

we skipped the baby class... still not sure if that was god or bad lol

Julie said...

Where are you delivering at?

I'm leaning towards the epidural as long as I don't see them walk in with it...but I'm not pregnant now so things could change when that does happen.