Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Dirty Thirty!!!

...I had a fantastic 30th birthday! I woke up and walked into the kitchen to be greeted by this sign that Mattie had made the night before. Then I went in the basement to let the dogs out and there was another giant sign that said, "I love you! AR"

Then we all left to start our days but stopped to get donuts together. As soon as Matt and I sat down to eat, we looke over at AR patting her hands on the high chair and we realized we were going to have to share our donuts. I tore open the glazed donut and let her eat the inside which, of course, she loved! Then I got in the car and saw a bowl of Cheerios I could have given her. Oh well, she enjoyed it and I'm sure one time won't be too bad for her.

Then I got to work and my sister & H called and serenaded me with their own song. My sister asked if I had lunch plans, which I didn't, so I met her for lunch and she gave me 30 balloons!!! What a good SIL too because she remembered Matt is allergic to latex so they were all mylar balloons. I made it home with only 1 escaping and 2 popping...not bad!

When I got back to work, the flower guy was there to deliver me THREE bouquets. A beautiful floral arrangement from my dad, 30 red roses in one and then one pink rose. I think the cards got mixed up because the card with the 30 roses said from AR and the single pink rose said Matt-oops! It was fun to tease him. :-)

I got home and Matt and I rushed to get ready. I knew we were going out but had no idea doing what. He surprised me with dinner at Dominic's in Clayton and then tickets to "Warhorse" at the Fox! He definitely did a good job making my 30th birthday memorable.

Here's AR eating dinner beside my sign as we left for the evening.
We took this pic tonight after dinner...AR and me with all the balloons, flowers and signs I got for my birthday! I felt so special and loved!!!
You all know how to make a girl feel loved! It made embracing 30 much easier. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!

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SLESE1014 said...

Oh Happy Belated birthday! Looks like you have wonderful family and friends to help you celebrate in style! The BIG 3-0! Welcome to your 30's lady! It's been a great ride for me so far!