Thursday, March 28, 2013

Breakfast with the Bunny...

...this past Saturday, before the blizzard came, AR and I went to Breakfast with the Bunny. It was through my work so all the volunteers and some of the grandmas there all wanted to hold AR. She did pretty good being passed around. She found one egg, which we "hid" again for another little girl...
Then we saw the Easter Bunny!
Although she didn't smile in any of the pictures, I think she liked him. I put her on the floor and she'd crawl back to him!
Then we found the ring game...thank goodness for baby wipes!
Then we went BACK to the Bunny! She rolled around in his arms wanting to get a closer inspection.
Then we got home and just decided to be bunnies ourselves!
We've got another egg hunt this weekend with Jenni and Emma...let's hope the snow melts by then!

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Julie said...

At least that bunny doesn't look too scary - some of the pics I've been seeing, the bunny isn't the happy one!