Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Day in the Life of AR & Me...

...I've seen a day in the life posts and I really wanted to do one while on maternity leave but never go around to it. Since it seems that AR is changing so much and so fast, I figured I'd do a day in the life post for her at 10 goes!

5:01AM AR's alarm goes off playing "Getcha Some" by Toby Keith
5:03AM I get up, go to the bathroom then go get AR out of bed. She snuggles with me, we turn off the sound machine, turn on the light then I sit down in the glider in her room and she nurses
5:14-5:17AM Done nursing, change AR and get her dressed for the day; put her in bed with Daddy
5:17AM Mommy goes to feed and let the dogs out
5:20 AM Mommy starts to pump, Daddy & AR come in the living room. Mommy checks email/social media, Daddy watches the news and AR plays, squealing and laughing at us, pulling books off the shelf, etc...
5:40AM Mommy's done pumping, AR "helps" Mommy clean her pump parts and get milk ready for the day
5:42AM Mommy & Daddy get ready while AR plays in the mirror but once Mommy needs to brush her teeth or fix her hair, AR thinks she needs to "help" again
5:55AM Mommy lays out pump parts to dry, puts AR's socks BACK on then passes her off to Daddy so she can leave for work (on M/W AR and Daddy leave at the same time; on Tu/Th/F AR and Daddy play some more because she can't be dropped off until 6:30AM)
6:15-6:30AM Arrive at work
10:00AM Pump (on M/W I call Grandma to check in/pass time while I pump)
2:00PM Pump
4:00PM Leave work
4:15/20PM Pick up AR from Grandma's or babysitter's
4:30PM Get home, unload car, let dogs out/feed them and put sippy cups in sink to soak/wash
4:45PM Nurse AR
5:00-5:30PM Play, play, play!
5:30PM AR eats dinner, Mommy & Daddy eat too if their dinner is ready. Mommy packs lunches while AR eats and does what chores she can in the kitchen
5:50-6:15PM Play, play, play!
6:15PM Daddy gives AR bath and Mommy takes a shower
6:30PM Mommy lotions up, new diaper and jammies on AR (this has gotten much faster since AR has become a wiggly worm!)
6:35PM AR nurses
6:45PM Mommy reads to AR (right now we're reading our Bedtime Bible)
6:50PM Daddy comes in to say goodnight; Mommy & Daddy kiss then AR gives both of us kisses then Daddy does a little dance and AR laughs hysterically! Daddy gives her one more kiss then leaves
6:55PM Mommy turns on AR's sound machine, lays her down with Ms. Monkey and her camo tag blankie; says, "Night, night. Mommy loves you! I see you in the morning..." then turns off the light and shuts the door
7:00PM  Organizes living room, putting up toys, cleans up dinner, does whatever chores needs to be done, lays dinner out for the next night.
8:00PM Starts to pump. While pumping, checks social media, blogs, etc...or watches the Big Bang Theory
8:20PM Finishes pumping, clean pump parts, finish packing AR's bag for the next day, sanitize pump parts and go to love on the dogs and let them out for the night.
8:50PM Crawl in bed, asleep usually by 9:10PM

Same until 6:00AM
6:00AM Goes in basement and plays with dogs and toys there. Usually Shadow sits by the gate and AR reaches through and pets him
7:00AM Naptime
8:00AM Nurse then play until breakfast
9:00AM Breakfast (usually half an Eggo and blueberries or some other fruit)
9:30AM Play upstairs or playdate or AR & Mommy meet friends for breakfast
10:30AM Starting to get fussy so Mommy nurses AR, gives a few Cheerios, checks on dogs
11:00AM Nap
12:00PM Lunch time!
12:30-2:00PM Play, play, play! Some weekends, we'll go swimming or meet Sha/H for lunch
2:00PM Nurse then play
3:00PM Nap
4:00PM Let doggies out and play with them/in basement
4:45PM-bedtime about the same

So there you have it, a day in the life! Some days seem to fly by and other days seem to creep by. AR and I both get kind of crabby around 5ish when we're both soo ready for bed! Most days when I'm off from work during the week, I try to keep her home with me or if I go in late, I'll take her to the sitter's late or my MIL will watch her at our house. I think I've taken maybe 1-2 total days off and sent her to the sitter's. I love every sweet, precious minute I get with her and would love to have more.

Here's a pic of AR standing in her toybox the other morning when I kept her home with me for a little bit on Tuesday morning. I just love this picture of her, I think because she's standing, it makes her look so grown up! She's looking at me like, "Mom, I can't move...what am I supposed to do???"


Jenni-Bee said...

That is a giant toy box! You guys are always go, go go! I wish I had that much energy.

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