Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunny Afternoon with my Babies...

...Saturday afternoon, AR and I got out the Radio Flyer wagon that Papa gave her for Christmas. It was a warm 67 degrees out so we took the dogs in the backyard. She loved her wagon and watching her doggies play! I pulled her in circles around our yard and she just grinned the entire time.
Then we stopped to take pictures and look at this daredevil...
Yep! She's not afraid of anything, she just stood right up!
So we decided to watch the dogs play around in the backyard. They were crazy and ran in circles which made AR laugh and laugh and laugh and I got some good photos. 
Then the doggies were tired so they came over to visit AR. Here's Shad nudging her hand to get her to pet him.
Emma always wants to lick her face but doesn't really want to be petted.
Even the doggies love them some AR kisses!
We then headed inside and gave the doggies a treat. We made them do a trick for us which AR thought was hilarious!
Mommy loves her baby's blue eyes...
The silly doggies kept playing inside too which AR loved watching them.
Then Emma went to bed and said she was done playing. Whew-we were all worn out!
Then 24 hours later, this is what our yard looked like...
Didn't want to miss the boat in posting a pic of this March blizzard
Gotta love Missouri weather, right?

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Hilary said...

That weather is so disappointing, haha. Not cool!