Friday, March 22, 2013

Messy Face AR...

...don't let this face fool you. "What are you talking about, Mom?"-AR
Recently, AR has become a PIG PEN when it comes to eating! She's mainly eating table food but I have some purees I made plus some jars of purees that I don't want to waste. 
Since she wants to grab and hold everything, she is very good about grabbing the spoon/jar quickly and getting just enough on her hand to make a huge mess!
This night at dinner, she got just a little bit in her hand and then literally ran her hand through her hair!
I've since learned to just strip her down before dinner and I don't even bother trying to clean her up since she has a bath shortly after dinner. This was after dinner when AR and Daddy were playing and AR took one step from her toy to my chair!
Now look at her being all prim and I said before, don't let her fool you...
AR is a pig pen!!!


Brad & Rachel said...

Love the new look! So cute!
And I know about the mess, my daughter is always giving herself some kind of "facial" or "deep conditioner". Ha!

Jenni-Bee said...

We have not had any messy eater issues yet, thank goodness. But, you're right, they get quick at grabbing for things! And I LOVE the prim and proper pic!