Monday, March 18, 2013

Miss AR is 10 Months!!!'s funny. I write these throughout the month and it's crazy how much you change in one month! For instance, I wrote "you are eating more and more solids" but really right now, that's all you eat!

*You are eating more and more solids. You always want to feed yourself. Although sometimes you're lazy and just hold your mouth open for another Cheerio. For the most part, you do pretty well about getting everything in your mouth although at times, I take your tray off your high chair and we find some food you dropped...or every now and then, a pea in your belly button!
*The last week of February, you went to Mommy's annual conference at the lake. You were such an angel the entire time. Nana watched you while Mommy attended sessions throughout the day but you joined us at night for a couple socials. You were acting bashful and hiding your face in my shoulder but once we got away from the big crowd, you were hamming it up for our table.
*That week, you didn't take a single bottle instead Nana gave you milk through a sippy cup with a straw. You did pretty well with it except the last few drops are difficult to get because the straw won't stay in the milk. The next week, you officially switched over to sippy cups only. You only take a bottle on the nights I work as your last feeding before bedtime.
*You stand on your own without holding on to anything...accidentally. Once you realize that you're standing and not holding on to anything, you start to wobble and reach out for something. You're getting much better at standing on your own and not freaking out. When you realize it, you now slowly get down to your crawl position.

*On the walking push your Pooh table all around the room "walking" behind it. Side note: you flipped the table over and broke Pooh off-poor Pooh! At first, you showed no interest in holding my hands and walking but lately you've been holding and going around the room. Daddy or Nana and I will sit with our feet together and make you "walk" to us. You do very well and even took a few "steps" aka falling into us. :-)

*I pulled out a bigger swimsuit for you to start wearing. It's a 2T but it fits great! You went swimming 3x in one week and you love it. Maybe I should invest in a pool pass this summer and we could spend our Saturdays there, hmm...
*You still love Sophie. It's funny when we go to other baby's houses and you love their Sophie too.
*You've been having more and more playdates. Nana thinks you're a bully. I think it's just because you are "ours" that we want you to be nice so we notice you take toys more often than we do the other babies. You're great at sharing with Mommy especially Cheerios aka your entire hand in my mouth to give me one. Most of your friends that come over love the same things you do...your remote and banging on the window.
*We're slowly moving out of 6-9 month clothes and into the 9-12 month clothes. It's always sad to box up clothes because I know you'll be WAY too big next year for them.
*We're working on teaching you to sign "more." Some days I think you get it and other days, you just whine until I give you more. That's also my fault because I don't do it consistently. 

Sweet AR, you are growing up so fast! It's to watch you grow and learn but at the same time, realizing you aren't my little baby anymore. No matter what though, Mommy loves you more than you'll ever know. OXXO (not the store)

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Sarah said...

LOVE those St. Patty's pictures down below of AR. She's SO adorable! Happy 10 months to her!