Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alright, I think I FINALLY did it right...

...with the coupons that is! So K-Mart is doubling coupons up to $2 this week. First off, let me tell you my feelings regarding coupons. Sometimes, I feel as though I buy stuff that I wouldn't normally because I can get a really good deal on the item so this could be dangerous. Secondly, sometimes I feel, I guess the best word would be awkward using coupons because I try to double and triple check so that it will be correct when I get to the front of the line. Then if its not and I ask, I feel like the checker immediately is defensive and like, "Great! I got the b**** in my line..." when all I want to do is know what's right.

So here are my two experiences with coupons this weekend that did not turn out so well...Saturday, I went to Wal-Green's to use a coupon for Flipz (yummy delicious chocolate covered pretzels!!!). Well, I had accidentally cut off the top of it but I saved the barcode-the most important part. So I go to use the coupon and the lady is like I can't use it w/o the expiration date on it. There was a line behind me and I wasn't going to argue so I said never mind, I didn't want them (again, something I don't normally purchase or need on a daily basis). So I thought this and looked into it and the barcode has the expiration date tied into it SO this lady was wrong...she could've used the coupon if she'd scanned it!?! GRRR!!! Delicious pretzels left at the store....good for my craving but bad for my hips.

Next, and this one is totally my fault, I went to K-Mart on Sunday to try it out. Well, I had a coupon for Slim Jims (for Matt's lunch) and I saw a sign for 10 for $10 in front of them...SWEET!!! I had a 75 cents off coupon so double that equals FREE!!! So I go to check out and it was NOT free. So I asked, "Aren't those 10 for $10?" The checker thinks statement above, cops an attitude and tells me the correct price. I respond, "Okay, I'll just go check." So I pay and go back and check. Sure enough, it was something like Andy's Chips that were 10 for $10 but someone just stuck the box of Slim Jims there for giggles. I finally found the Slim Jim's two shelves over on the bottom shelf at $3.99/each. Grrr!!! Not my fault someone just set the box there in front of the wrong sign, yes, my fault that I didn't read it correctly. But GRRR...drop the attitude checker, seriously!!!

So I go back to K-Mart today knowing I can't fail. So here's the rundown:

V8 Juice $3.29
Huggie's $9.99

V8 Coupon $2 off-doubled
Huggies $2 off-doubled

Huggie's $5.99

I was pretty excited since I FINALLY did it right!!! Oh and no, I don't have children nor do my dogs use diapers but I know of two baby showers I'll be going to in the next month or so; therefore, I'm stocking up for presents!!! I like to get something off their registry and some diapers because from what I hear those babies go through them a lot!!! So YAH!!! for finally doing coupons right!


Cecilia said...

Yay!!!! Your last run was great. Don't feel bad about cashiers or messing up. Everybody does it and there will always be a nzi cashier. Isn't it exciting to get things for so cheap?! Can't wait for Saturday!!!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

I agree that it doesn't make since to use coupons for products I wouldn't normally buy. I do clip a lot but skip the ones where the store brand is cheaper anyway.

Good job at K-Mart though!

Heidi said...

Good for you! It definitely takes practice! I got on the coupon kick when I had my baby so i could save on diapers and formula. I will be heading to Kmart this week to stock up on diapers.

Also- Walgreens is definitely hit and miss with the cashiers. One tip I have is if you want to do some mega coupon shopping there, go in the late evening or early Sunday morning and check out in the cosmetics dept. I ONLY check out in cosmetics when I'm workin' a deal!
Also, I'm not sure where in St. P you live but the Walgreens at Central School Road and 94 is BY FAR the best one to shop. Everyone there is really nice and don't curse you for using coupons.

Boyd Team said...

I remember the trip where I finally got the hang of it. K-Mart isn't easy either. I've been couponing for awhile now and I thought I was going to freak out when I walked in the first time.

I agree with Heidi. Walgreen's are very hit and miss. I have 5 that I go to regularly and 2 out of those 5 have 1 bad cashier each but just the other day I went to one out of my area that I love but don't get to often enough and had a really rude cashier.

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