Saturday, May 16, 2009

Perfect Strangers...

...last night, we had the first ever St. Louis Bloggers Outing! Sorry ladies, I slept in a bit so I'm just now posting! It was so much fun! We were all like Perfect Strangers because we'd never met in person but we all knew so much about each other through our blogs (and not in a creepy way)! Being that I'm not originally from STL, I don't have a lot of close girlfriends around so it was nice to have a girls night.

Here's the gang, Heidi, Ashley, Randall, myself and Angie.

I was the first to arrive and I was looking for Randall. Now in my head, I was looking for the same outfit that was posted on her blog!?! She was not wearing that dress, of course, but I still recognized her and loved her Old Navy shirt. Randall told us all about her trip to Vegas and what brought her and her hub to STL. So glad she's here!

Then Ashley arrived and told us about her husband shoving soup in her face to try and missing before she got here. She had lots of good baseball stories...hope she has fun at the game today!

Then Heidi showed up looking so cute because she broke out the skirt for the nice weather. I loved how during conversations, she'd bring up a topic and say, "Another post coming soon..."

Then Angie arrived and I told her she was my "safety." We'd all discussed how our hubs were all worried about us meeting strangers from the Internet but I knew that Angie had met Kristal, who is my long time BFF from middle school, so I knew I was okay.

I've noticed this about myself for the past couple of years...if you knew me back in high school or college, I was Miss Personality, always so outgoing and bubbly. Then, like a couple of years ago, I really mellowed out and have turned into the wallflower, observer, quiet girl. So weird!!!

I had a fabulous time and can't wait until the next outing! I think Matt was a little bummed that I got home so late. He did a great job cleaning the house though and I made him breakfast in bed to make up for it. Hope you ladies have a great rest of the weekend and I can't wait to keep reading your blogs!!!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Wonderful to meet you - I had a great time!

Angie said...

Great to meet you also, have fun with Butch today!

Heidi said...

It was great to meet you! We'll have to brave Walgreens together soon! :>)

Tattooed Dorothy said...

My Matt was bummed that I was out so late too! He pouted. It was great!

Cecilia said...

How cool!!! Isn't it neat to meet people that you feel like you know so well already??