Saturday, May 23, 2009

Vicki's Secret... I hit up Victoria's Secret yesterday and I found out the secret! They think everyone is an XS!!! Not in my world! They had the big 10 for $25 sale so I, along with about 3 other women, are searching through all the tables of XS underware in hopes of finding a realistic size. Then there's this older, first, whenever Matt goes into VS with me, which is rare, he stays right by my side and we WHISPER back and forth to each other. Back to this couple, he says in an abnormally loud voice, "Here's another table of panties to look though." (I hate the word panties!). She responds, two tables over, "No...those are thongs and I don't wear thongs!" AWKWARD!!!

So I go to check out and I'm all about giving the person in front of me room and not invading their bubble so I'm a few feet back then what happens? This old couple jumps in line right in front of me!?! The slowest cashier in the history of cashiers was working and the whole time I'm looking at my watch because I have a lunch date at 11:30 and its like 11:18! Of course, HIS Angel card doesn't work so they call over two other employees as the line is creeping longer and longer and my lunch date time is closer and closer. FINALLY, the one girl asks if I'm ready to check out so I go to the register. Here's our conversation:

Cashier: "Did you find everything okay?"
Me: "Not really...not everyone is a size XS."
Cashier: "OH sorry about that, this is our biggest sale and our stock is low."
Me: "Really? Didn't the sale start yesterday?"
Cashier: " just flew off the shelves."

Riiiight, I'm so sure that everyone in St. Charles County just flew to VS on a Thursday to buy their 10 pairs of underware. So anyways, I got my 10 pairs, a couple of the same print and a pair that say Newlywed...I guess that works since it's still less than a year, right? So good luck to any of you heading out there for the sale...may you survive the XS.


Cecilia said...

I have never purchased anything from VS in my life. That store gives me a complex. LOL.

Heidi said...

That is crazy about that couple! I tend to stay away from VS and look at sales at Macy's. They have great sales and cheaper pricing for better quality "panties"! ha ha! Hate that word too!

Tattooed Dorothy said...

Ew, I had the word panties too! And I swear they have the slowest and rudest employees!