Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Baby, are you on my pumper???"

...Saturday night, Heidi had us all over for a spa night. It...was...AWESOME!!! Angie, Aimee, Jenn and myself were all in need of a little pampering and girl talk and we definitely got pampered and got in some good girl talk too! We each took turns getting a hand treatment so we all visited and caught up during this time. Aimee walked the Lewis and Clark half-marathon a few weeks ago. I got her a 13.1 sticker for her car that she has YET to put on the window. I told her she has until Tuesday...or else!!! Aimee got to play with Baby Nick and he worked up an appetite!
After hand treatments, we moved to the dining room and started our facials. Don't these girls look great??? They were just trying to get rid of the layer of "cornflakes!"
After facials, Trey came and made an appearance. He shared his blue truck with Nick and gave him hugs and kisses. Heidi took away his air pump and when Trey realized this, he looked at Nick and said, "Baby, are you on my pumper?" Us ladies broke out into hysterics when he said that!!!
After we contained our laughter, we moved on to pedicures. YAH!!! And yes, I tagged each of our feet in this picture on FB just for Jenn!
After our facials, we had a moment of relaxation...Nick got REALLY relaxed, can you tell?
So thanks for having us over Heidi! It was definitely a night of pure relaxation and good times. I'm so glad I have such great bloggy friends!


Jen said...

Aww so much fun....and I really didn't think you were going tag all our feet. Hahaha.

See you tonight!

Julie said...

Sounds like you ladies had a lot of fun!

Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

So sorry I had to miss it!

Teenage Bride said...

hahaha Kids just crack me up!

Aimee said...

It was so fun to hang out with you ladies! So...we have been REALLY lax with our mail and stuff lately. I've had harp jobs and consultations like crazy. Our kitchen table is an awful mess of stuff. My card and sticker from you is in the table. My goal is to find it this weekend. :-)

Slamdunk said...

I can't say that this sounds fun from a guy's perspective (pedicure, etc.), but spending time with people you enjoy is always worthwhile.