Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Florida Day 1, Part 2...

...After my nice long walk on the beach last Friday morning, I headed back to the condo and we got ready for the beach! First up, here's a view from our fourth floor room.
Baby G! He wasn't so sure of the waves in the ocean, I don't think he liked the sinking feeling but then again who does? We got some great shots on him on the beach. He was such a good little one on the trip. He just went with the flow and was happy as could be.
I was trying to be creative and created my footprint in the sand with seashell toenails!
After a long day on the beach (seriously, we didn't do anything else besides the beach on Friday-it was fab), we headed to Beth's parents' condo where they hosted dinner for all the guests that came into town. Her work friends brought 7 Layer Dip, some sort of bacon dip and another dip with saurerkraut-they were yummy! I got to meet her SIL for the first time and she was really nice and very helpful. Here's Mr. Hicks manning the grill before dinner. Once dinner was done and we all stood around visiting, I got to catch up with him. He said the prayer at our wedding reception for dinner and he's such a sweet man. He even made me cry (in a good way) and I got a good daddy hug from him. Love you Mr. Hicks!
The Cape Girls, L to R: Me, Ashley, Beth, Jess and Christina
To 1=amazing! Nice long walk on the beach, laying on the beach all day then visiting with old and new friends all night, does it get any better than that?


Christy said...

Girl, I am trying really, really hard to be happy for you... but I am jealous, too!

Glad you're having a great time!

Cecilia said...

Awesome shot of the little guy!!