Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Marathon in Pictures...

...OMG! I have SO many pictures from the marathon and I'm so grateful for everyone that took them (Mattie, my sister, Angie K., Angie D.-thank you so much!!!). Today's post are just the pictures that Matt and my sister took. I'll have more pictures next week that the Angie's took. The course was really crowded during the first half so I don't have many pictures from that. Here they are, definitely NOT in order but I'm too tired to move them patience is very thin right now.

My sis and I at the finish line. Do you love the angle? My six year old neice took it.

Our photog said to make a silly face

H and I at the finish line, she was so sweet but didn't understand to not walk on my feet!

Yah for bloggy friends! L to R: Nick, Angie, Sarah, Aimee and I. Aimee and Sarah totally rocked the half marathon and I'm so proud of them!

Woot! Woot! I heart my college gal pals. L to R: Jenny, Kim, Me, Q and Ang. Sarah's neice made the sign she's holding and I'm going so fast in it, you can't even see my legs!

My fam at the end of the race! I love the sign that Haley made, she had everyone sign it and apparently I was doing "The Robot" while I ran according to her drawing of me.

My pretty Mattie giving me a kiss and telling me great job. He was so good to me all day and I even got a foot massage that night and Silky's...this boy knows how to steal my heart!
Haley was a watergirl in training with Matt. She was very proud of me too and asked if she could take my medal for show-n-tell but her mom said no because she'd probably lose it. It was an honor to be asked though.

Haley and Matt joined us for part of mile 23. Who knows, maybe Haley will be the next one to run a marathon!?! I'd definitely be her watergirl!

Here's Matt running with us across an intersection.

Those two messing around while they waited for us.

Getting started after a GU break just past the halfway mark.

I told you guys I heart orange Gatorade!

Probably my favorite picture of the race (but the worst one of me), this face pretty much sums up everything. This was at the final turn, I was so close to being done, I saw all my great friends and family there cheering me on, I knew once I crossed that finish line that I had completed a marathon.
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! To everyone for everything!!! More pics on Monday, I'll give you guys a little break.


Jacklyn said...

That's so great you have so many pictures of this day! I'm going to want them cause it might be the one and only one I do. HA.

lola said...

You seriously ROCK! :)

I usually have at least one photo where I look like absolute death! hehe.

Julie said...

Good pics!

The main pic on my page is down at Crown Valley winery the weekend we went and Keith proposed. CV holds a very special place for us now :)

Teenage Bride said...

love the photos!

Mary said...

Alyssa, I'm so far behind due to not having a computer, but wanted to congratulate you on the huge accomplishment! It must have been so encouraging to have so many people there to cheer you on and share your big day.

Julie said...

Keith and I would love love love to get married at a winery but not sure if its going to happen with a limited budget and whatnot. We love CV and have looked all around Augusta/Defiance so still have hope. I just don't think, with all of our people being from STL, that they'd drive to Ste. Gen.

Did you have this blog back when you got married - I'd love to hear how a winery wedding works.

Cecilia said...

The last picture is great and is a great inspiration to me. I also heart the one of you and Matt. I wish my hubby supported me like that. Sigh. Great photos and I can't wait to see more!!

Stephany said...

Ah, that last one is GREAT! Haha, I love it. :)

Great pictures! It's amazing how much people you had supporting you!

Christy said...

I love the last one, best - you look so intense and quite buff! I know I've said this before but I am amazed by you! Way to go!

Faith said...

I've been keeping up with your posts, but haven't had a minute to leave a comment. Great job on completing the marathon! I'm so proud of you!