Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Double Wedding Weekend...

...October 2nd was our weekend of double weddings. I was the DOC in Matt's cousin's wedding and Matt was a groomsman in his friend's wedding. Everything went surprisingly great! After dinner at Matt's cousins' wedding, I drove all the way from South City to North County because if my pretty paid $150 for a tux, I was definitely going to see him in it! He's such a good looking guy, isn't he? This is the only pic from that wedding because I left early to go home to meet Sherrie and he didn't want to be in charge of the camera. I was planning on wearing a dress that day but it was really chilly...I forgot how big my boobs are in this shirt-oops!
This was the grooms cake at Matt's cousin's wedding. He plays the guitar and is a big video gamer. They surprised him with it and he loved it!
The new Mr. and Mrs.!!!
The kiss! The great thing about being DOC is that I didn't have to stay in my seat. I hung out in the back and gave out programs/bubbles to late guests and got to take some really fantastic pictures.
Here's a G Fam shot (L to R): Grandma G, Star (Matt's mom), John (Matt's dad), Jan (Matt's aunt) and Paul (Matt's cousin)
A few thoughts/stories from each wedding:
*Jan made her own dress, I think it's fabulous. She's so talented and crafty!
*I walked up to Grandma G and she looked at me and said, "I don't remember who you are." I wasn't surprised, I'm pretty sure this is the first time she'd ever seen me without Matt so I wasn't offended.
*The only hitch with Sarah's (the cousin) wedding is that the florist forgot to send the mom flowers. No worries though, I just pulled three roses from the remembrance bouquet and no one noticed.
*The bartender got to the hall late so we didn't have as long to do last minute touches. There were four other people there plus the DJ (that looked 12) to help so while we were waiting, I looked at them and said, "When she gets here, we get in and get it done. You two-flowers, you-candles, you-wine, you-DJ, and I'll take care of everything else!" It worked like a charm and we were set and ready to go in no time flat!
*At the wedding hubs' was in...let's just say it was interesting. They were very...what's the nice word...particular about their RSVPs. His aunt and uncle, who is also the groom's Godfather, drove all the way from Texas but hadn't RSVPed. The bride and groom told them that they could come to the ceremony and then to the reception after dinner was served. The uncle offered to pay for their plate and the bride/groom still told him no. When I arrived at the reception, they were just beginning to serve dinner (I hadn't RSVPed since I knew I'd be at the other wedding). There was an entire empty table that the photographer and his girlfriend were seated at. I sat my stuff down there, was offered salad and said no thanks. I got up to walk around in between salad and dinner (it took FOREVER) and ended up seating with some friends chatting who had three empty spots at their table. Dinner was about to be served and I was asked if I wanted chicken or beef. I declined and got up for them to enjoy their dinner. As I was getting up, the photog came and found me and said, "I didn't know what you wanted to eat so I ordered you chicken." How sweet is he to come FIND me!!! I told him I wasn't eating and he was welcome to have it. I walked past the table later and I'm pretty sure he did eat it. Anyways, long story short (wait, it's already long!), there was no reason that the aunt and uncle couldn't have stayed for dinner since I was offered it THREE different times!
One more wedding and it's in Florida and then we're hanging up our wedding guests shoes for 2010!!! Congrats to both couples and thanks for asking us to be a part of your special day.


Stina said...

They seriously told the godfather of the groom they couldn't be there for dinner??? That's so incredibly rude - especially if they came in from TX!!! Did they not realize that there are always no shows??? Bananas!

Teenage Bride said...

Great pics!! i feel really bad for the uncle how awful is that

Teenage Bride said...

Great pics!! i feel really bad for the uncle how awful is that

Stephany said...

OK...that's like a Bridezilla story about the godfather. How crazy! I could see if it was like an ex-girlfriend or something, haha. But the godfather? Really?

Glad you had such a fun weekend. You two look so freakin' adorable together, all dressed up & snazzy!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! They seriously refused to feed them? That's ridiculous! Had I been them I'd have been thoroughly offended!

Jen said...

Weddings! It looked like a great day for a wedding. There's always gotta be a little drama with one though. I'll have to share my horrific story sometime with you. It was nuts!

Slamdunk said...

Wow, you all have had your share of weddings.

That cake is cool yet true as well I believe.

Cecilia said...

Can I just say that I am glad I don't have a lot of friends and the ones I do have are already married. Is that wrong? Lol. Wow. Can't believe they told the uncle no. Amazing. And not the good kind.

Amanda said...

WOW that's ridiculous. I can't even imagine telling them they CAN'T eat. Weddings always have TONS more food than they need!! But at least you had a nice time !