Monday, October 25, 2010

What??? It's Your Baby Shower!!!

...the Wednesday before I went to Florida, we had a baby shower at work for Paula. We have given up on suprising people for their baby showers because it's the only party you ever get at wedding shower, no birthday (well we do a general birthday celebration once a month), no second child get first child shower and a going away party when you leave and that's it. We decided that if you're prego with baby #1 and we call you into the conference room unexpectedly then it's pretty obvious what's going on.

Everyone was asked to bring a snack...however, we didn't coordinate well and ended up with like 5 different desserts at 3pm in the afternoon-hello afternoon sugar rush! I brought Chocolate Dream Bars and they were a huge hit! They were pretty yum if I do say so myself and very easy to make....just time consuming because it's like 4 different steps and you have to let each layer set. Lucky Matt got to eat all the leftovers by himself because I got on the road to Florida...geez, I'm such a good wife! LOL

Around lunchtime, my boss and I decided to start getting the conference room ready for the shower. What does that include? Oh cleaning off counter space for the desserts and cleaning the dry erase boards...easy, right? Um no! We have like 6 dry erase boards that hadn't been erased, some in almost six months so what started off as an easy task ended up being a search for cleaner to get the board sparkling clean. Search equaled success which equaled clean dry erase board which equaled an invitation to my creative side!

Paula's cube is on the opposite end of my boss' and I in the office. Sometimes we'll be discussing things and Paula will hear her name so she'll come walking down the office saying, "What?" I had this great idea to channel my inner artist and I was really proud of that drawing! The first time around Paula looked like an R so I made her be walking in the second round. No, Paula doesn't have the neck of a giraffe but when I went to redo it, my boss was laughing so hard and told me not to touch it so this was the final product.
The boards slide so we had the first drawing covered and made a big to-do about revealing it then we slid that board and revealed ANOTHER board that said, "It's Your Baby Shower!!!" I thought our presentation was awesome and we explained that we were just "going green" on the decor! OH! And we cleaned the board promptly after the shower ended! Surprise, surprise! I made Paula a diaper cake which I put on the food table. My boss declared that she would NOT be eating any part of the diaper cake. In the lower right corner is part of the chocolate dream bars I made. Paula kept calling the dessert "Fatman's Delight," I like that name better so I might start calling it that.
Here's Paula with some clothes she got for little Baby Aubrey (P-let me know if I spelled that right). One more month and she'll get to meet her daughter!
I really feel as though I'm benefitting from Paula's showers because she keeps bringing all the left over cakes to work-YUM!!! Good luck Paula, only one more month to go!


from C to C said...

I could've of helped Matt finish off that dessert! It really is one of my favs!! You got the spelling right and thanks for being such a great friend and coworker! ps... there is more cake in the break room today.

LambAround said...

Love the stick figure drawing ;)
Very exciting (esp. all the leftover cake!)

Slamdunk said...

Looks like the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. I guess even the shark thought so too.

Julie said...

Showers are soo fun!

Stephany said...

Oh, how cute is she?! And I absolutely love the name Aubrey. At my old preschool, we had a baby there named Aubrey Brooke and I fell head over heels for her. It's still my favorite baby girl name. :)

I love your stick figure drawing, haha! Too cute!

Baby Games said...

wow great how cute this baby shower diaper cake. hahaha i hope this is a real cake.
Mickey Buarao

Angie said...

OMG I love the stick drawing - looks identical to the ones I draw!! Cute diaper cake too :) miss ya!

Cecilia said...

The diaper cake looked awesome! Great job. PS: Aubrey is a great name. ;)