Friday, October 15, 2010

Sweet Saturday...

...Good morning all! Hopefully while this is posting, I'm sleeping in at the condo in Florida and will be spending my day on the beach...hopefully!

Saturday after our pumpking pickin' good time, Matt and I headed to the Spiritual Center in Clayton. Aimee had told me about this place and we'd actually planned a girls day out there but it didn't end up working out. I told Matt that I would really love to go check it out because it seemed really interesting.

I knew before we went that you had to take your shoes off to go inside. Well, Saturday ended up being a gorgeous and HOT day so I was wearing sandals. OCD Alyssa took a pair of socks so when I took my sandals off outside, I slipped my socks on and headed in. Here's a pic of the sign from outside.
It was really neat, the guy was expecting us so we visited with him for a little while. I was most interested in seeing St. Therese so he told us about the miracles she had performed and showed us pictures of evidence. I took a picture of her but I'm not posting it because I'm not sure if I can. He didn't say no photography and there weren't any signs that said no photography but I'm not risking it.

Then he took a tour with his family that was in town while Matt and I perrused around and read. Unfortunately, we were running late and short on time so we didn't get to see the whole place. I will be in the area a few times in the next couple months so I plan on stopping in and getting an actual tour. If you're ever around the area, it's very interesting and unique.

Afterwards, we decided to grab some din-din and happened to run onto Delmar!!! I love this neck of the woods!!! Matt refused Cheese-ology-boo!!! But I compromised and told him that as long as we could get Fro Yo for dessert, he could pick dinner. His choice?....
Blueberry Hill!!! We've been there before and I thought I didn't like it but couldn't remember why. Once I looked at the menu, I remembered-not a large selection! I ended up getting a grilled cheese sandwich and baked potato soup. Nothing too exciting, it was good but not fab. Matt ordered the Special Sandwich (that's the name of it), chips, fries and baked potatoe soap...he had leftovers go figure! We also ordered wings for an appetizer (umm...he hadn't eaten lunch and I'd eaten at 11am) which he ordered dry with the mild sauce on the side. After two years of marriage and two years of dating (that's four total if you're counting), he's FINALLY remembering what I like and dislike!
One thing to say about this place though...the service was FABULOUS!!! I'd been having some really crappy service lately, including a waitress who spilled an entire soda on me (I mean sopping wet pants from mid-thigh to mid-shin), said she sucked at life and then didn't even offer us a free appetizer or anything (even after we informed the manager because she would NEVER come back to our table because she was hiding from us)...yeah, so I was pretty stoked when my water glass was never completely empty, our plates were cleared almost immediately and no one spilled anything on me!
After dinner, we crossed the street to stop at Fro Yo and O.M.G! I was in HEAVEN!!! I was looking at all the yogurt choices when I saw Matt pointing to one, Reese's Peanut Butter....ahhh!!!! I filled my cup up then went to the topping bar...hello chopping up Reese's, cookie dough, Heath bars and sweet chocolately syrup!!! Needless to say, I was a happy, and quiet camper, on the ride home as I enjoyed my delicious concoction from Fro Yo. Matt was too stuffed from dinner (imagine that!) and he REALLY missed out.
It was a fun and different afternoon, something we normally wouldn't do but it was nice because we were together. I'll miss him this weekend but it'll be a nice time with the girls and a chance to hopefully relax. Okay, I'd better get up and start my day...I'm thinking a long walk on the beach followed by beach time with the girls and G-man! I'm sure I'll have TONS of pictures to post next week. Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!


Jen said...

I love the Loop. When we go to shows at the Pageant we always stop at Fitz's and get root beer floats and fried pickles.

I've been wanting to try Cheese-ology I've heard it's amazing!

And now I'm hungry at 7:45 for a big bowl of mac 'n cheese.

Teenage Bride said...

Sounds awesome!

Julie said...

Your post reminds me that I haven't been to the Loop forever! We usually go to one show a year at the Pageant and hit up Fitz's before hand and last year I opted out of the show and haven't been yet. Sounds yummy!

Oh, wanted to ask, with your wedding post a few days ago, you said you were the DOC for the wedding - what did that stand for?

Have fun in Florida!

Jen Daiker said...

I'm a newbie on this blog but it's a super cute on! Your blog photo is gorgeous, talk about a happy couple! I adore!!!

As for FRO YO he certainly did miss out!!! It sounds all sorts of delicious! Enjoy the girls weekend I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!

Cecilia said...

We are going to the Pageant next month. I think we NEED to stop by Fro Yo. Pretty sure. Think the world might end if we don't, right?!? Lol. Have a save trip!!

Mary said...

Blueberry Hill is so fun, but I hate smelling like an ashtray. I can't wait until all of St. Louis is smoke-free. The waffle fries at Blueberry Hill are the best!