Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bikram Yoga AKA Hot Yoga...

...last spring, Groupon was offering a deal for $40 for one-month unlimited Bikram yoga. I've never been a fan of yoga, seemed too much of a calm, peaceful sport and at the time, I had no idea what bikram yoga was. Then suddenly bikram, or hot yoga, started popping up all over my radar! When Jenn and Jen said they'd bought the Groupon, I was totally bummed because it was an AWESOME deal (normally it's $170/month for unlimited so $40/month for unlimited equals AMAZING!). Oh well, I'd filed it away under missed opportunity, don't pass this up again. Then this past Sunday, fate started working it's magic. Long story short, Jen's friend had bought the Groupon then she got a new place and neither location was convenient for her. Jen hooked the two of us up, I got the Groupon, she got her money and we were both two happy ladies.

So on to the class...first off, what is bikram yoga? Straight from the studio's website: "Bikram yoga is a demanding series of 26 postures (asanas) that works the entire body for 90 minutes. The class is conducted in a heated room to improve circulation, help eliminate toxins, and significantly reduce the risk of injury during deep muscle stretching."

Second, there's rules...yes rules. 1. You're supposed to drink like 100 ounces of water/day. 2. No talking in the room (MAJOR no no) and with that, you can't make any movements or get a drink if they're still in a pose. 3. You're not supposed to eat 1-3 hours before class. Those are just a few of the rules. I broke 3/3 rules! 1. I only drank like 60 ounces before class but I'm pretty sure I drank 100 after! 2. I did well the first day not talking until she asked me a specific question and instead of nodding, I said "yes!" Yikes! She didn't get on me too much. 3. I was STARVING as I neared the studio so I stopped and got a cereal bar...I was totally fine.

Once I got there, I got set-up in the room and before class even started, I already had sweat rolling down my forehead. When we got going, I could feel the sweat but when I bent over to touch my toes and saw sweat beading out of my calves, I was in shock because I didn't know I could sweat like that! By the end of the class, my navy shorts looked black, my sports bra and tank top were soaked and my hair looked like I'd just gotten out of the shower. I was so wet and sweaty that I could barely get a grip on my ankles during some of the poses! My thoughts on sweat...I love it! It means I've worked hard (even if I would have sweated regardless of the movement) and I just wish that every time I sweated that I would get tan too...wishful thinking, I know! OH! And you're not supposed to wipe your sweat, one lady kept doing it and the instructor kept telling her to stop then I think she walked over and took her towel away. They're hardcore! So even though at some points I had sweat rolling IN my nose and couldn't even grip my ankle, I did NOT wipe a single bead of sweat off until the very end.

Let me be honest in saying I've really NEVER done yoga before. I mean I've tried out a few videos here or there but they only kept my attention for 15-20 minutes. I was amazed at how flexible some of the people were especially the man in front of me (which for the record, I will not stand behind him again...old man, sweaty hairy armpits and a Speedo-no thanks! I'm just glad I only had the cereal bar before class.). I surprised myself and I thought I did VERY well. I mean I'm not touching my foot to my head or anything but I actively participated the entire class, which the lady told me the main goal of class #1 is to make it all the way through, and I didn't sit out of any poses. The last 10-15 minutes of class though, I was getting tired and hotter and I was ready to be done. Hopefully it'll get easier with more practice! The teacher recommends 10 times in 30 days and that's my goal plus whatever else my schedule will allow. This week I can only go 3 days but next week I think I can make it every day but we'll just see how my body reacts. Tonight I'm going back with Jen and I'm just hoping we don't get in trouble for talking! Now before I sign off, I'll leave you with pictures.

Before class (please disregard the hair, I swam before I went to class):
After and exhausted!
So have you done bikram or hot yoga? What's your thoughts? OH! Does anyone know how many calories you burn? My Fitness Pal keeps telling me that for 90 minutes, I only burned 300 calories. Maybe that's true but MAN, it felt like WAY more!!!


Christy said...

Once again, you're amazing! But I could never go into an exercise room that I knew would be heated! I would die! Hate heat.

And what's with not being able to wipe the sweat away? That seems a little crazy to me.

Julie said...

Sometimes I think MFP is wrong in their calorie count on a few things BUT its the easiest I've found to match the food portions of calories.

Yay for something new!!

Faith said...

Wow. Your studio sounds a bit strict. We're allowed to wipe off sweat. In fact when you're doing the sitting poses they encourage you to so you can get a good grip. Great job on making it through!

Angie said...

congrats on making it through the whole class! that's amazing. You're insane lol. I hate to sweat. I wish I liked it, I would prob enjoy exercise more if I did.

Liz said...

I tried this a few years ago and while I liked it, I felt like it took SO MUCH to prepare for it. Drinking water all day, not eating for a few hours before going, etc. Good luck!

Angie said...

oooo that sounds cool (well, you know what I mean LOL). Where do you go? Do they offer trial classes?