Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Foto Fun!!!

...more wedding outakes that did NOT make the album!

I think I was on the phone with Kristal at the time because the caterer wasn't there yet...either that or this was when my dad and I were both calling the caterer at the same time and I "calmly" told my dad if we were BOTH calling, they wouldn't answer. They FINALLY showed up.
Classic sister pose, I can't get over how opposite we are in looks and personality at time!
Here I am helping Butchie look beautiful!
This is one of our table decoration but I love the pic on it, it was taken the day after we got engaged...look closely!
We're just like little kids, have to look at the picture taken right away!
Happy Friday!


Teenage Bride said...

fun pictures!!

Newlymeds said...

I liked seeing your out takes! :)