Monday, July 18, 2011

Sherlock's Steak & Seafood...

...Saturday night, Mattie took me to Sherlock's for date night. We got dressed up and headed to the local restaurant in Cottleville. I've been wanting to go here FOREVER even though I'd heard mixed reviews from Jen and Heidi. Here's Mattie outside the restaurant:

I ordered the Chicken Capelini which had no flavor whatsoever. Matt ended up eating my leftovers later that night as he was snacking around the house. He ordered the Grilled Salmon with lime and dill butter, he said it was pretty awesome but his sides weren't great. We split a Cheesecake Bomb for dessert and, well, it was cheesecake...not a whole lot more to say. I must say that the bread they served was fantastic especially since it was served warm.

I have to be honest...I should have listened to Jen and Heidi-this place was NOT fab. It was decent but for the prices, very disappointing. It's also the local joint for the older residents to come hang out at so we were definitely WAY below the age range. We had a Foodie STL coupon which was $10 off so basically we got the tip for "free." Bottom line, we've been there, tried that and probably won't be going back.


Christy said...

Ugh. I hate when we go out and spend money for only so-so food. Totally a bummer. At least you had the coupon.

Cecilia said...

I doubt I'll be trying this place. That's two reviews I've seen that were pretty negative. Bummer dude.