Thursday, July 21, 2011

"Deadline" Book Review...

...I was totally bummed when I finished the "Hunger Games" trilogy but I was not let down by the next book I read which was "Deadline" by Chris Crutcher. This is a young adult book (as are most of the books I read) that was an easy read (finished in 2 days) but wow! I read the summary on the back and I thought it was deep stuff then I got into the book and it got REAL deep.
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Summary: Ben is heading into his senior year of high school when he finds out that he has a rare disease that gives him less than a year to live. Ben decides to not get treatment and also not to tell anyone. He wants to live a "normal" life and live life to the fullest. His three main objectives for the year are 1. to go out for the football team (Ben's a scrawny little guy) 2. Go for the girl! and 3. push his teacher to his limits to find the "real" truth in government and history.

Thoughts: I REALLY liked this book! I try to think back to myself as a senior in high school and I'm not sure I could have done what Ben did because 1. no way would my parents be like Ben's (but that's another story within the story) and 2. I wouldn't be nearly that brave to go through all that alone. The more you read the book, the more secrets were revealed and you had to keep turning the page to find out what was going to happen. The book does use quite a bit of foul language and touches on very difficult subjects. I don't think this book will be a best-seller or turn into a movie but for a quick, easy read that gets your attention I would definitely recommend this book.

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