Monday, July 11, 2011

Floatin' 2011...

...well, we're home yet again from another year of floating! You can read about 2010 here and 2008 here. It's a good time because of the great people but also because I get a chance to be "unplugged" meaning no phones, no Internet, nada! We only get to see these friends once a year so there's plenty to keep us entertained as we catch up on what's been going on in each other's lives for the past year. Okay, on to this year's recap!!!

Friday morning, Matt was loading up my car before we left. Shadow snuck out of the house and jumped in the back...apparently he wanted to go too!
Randomness of the float:
*Once again, we got on the river at 9am and didn't get off until 6pm...I'm a lobster! We got seperated from the sunscreen canoe and I never got to apply! :(
*There are lots of dirty old men on the river. That's all I have to say.
*Beer plus root beer schnapps equals deliciousness!
*Matt and I got seperated from our group twice so we just banked to wait for them. I pulled out a book to read and you would have thought I had a third eyeball. I got sooo much grief that I didn't even get to read any! I did talk some of the girls in our group into reading "Hunger Games" trilogy.
*People do REALLY stupid stuff when drinking and when water's involved that makes me REALLY nervous i.e. scale a steep hill, passout IN THE WATER, try to paddle. (luckily none of this was with our group).
*I played beer pong for the first time ever! Matt nevers lets me play since I don't drink that much (I always tell him he can just drink all the beer but he doesn't go for that). Luckily, my friend's husband was down with that so he and I partnered up. It turned out to not be an issue since we creamed the other time and I made the winning shot!

Matt and I planned on having hot dogs for dinner Saturday night. When we were leaving the house Friday, he asked what we were having with. I grabbed some potatoes from the counter and said, "Potatoes?" Well, he kept checking one pack on the fire (on the right) and they turned out WONDERFUL. However, next time, he should check both packs because the others were charred black-oops!
Remember when I said I was a lobster? Case and point...see the red at the top and the pure white ghostliness below the bra line...yeah, I'm on fire (like Katniss!). I'm pretty sure I may have had a mild case of sun poisoning along with too much junk food because when I laid down to sleep on Saturday night, I spent 3 hours convincing myself NOT to puke (and no, it wasn't from two much alcohol-I had 2 beers all day and that was it).
'Cole and I chilling Saturday night around the campfire. Love her and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Once again, another succesful year!!! I do have to say that this year it didn't seem like near as many people on the river nor as wild and crazy. However, when you're half asleep and someone shoots off an exploding firework-not cool, my friend, not cool. Until next year when we float again and I'm sure to fry!!!


Julie said...

Where did you float at?

Cecilia said...

Oh my!! Your back looks awful!! I hope you are feeling better. You're getting so tiny!! You look great!

Angie said...

LOL always a good time!!!! Had to miss this year b/c of the Linn County fair. But I've got one coming up at the end of July - except that one includes a cabin with AC and a bathroom!!!! Sorry about the sunburn - yikes

Slamdunk said...

Ouch with the sunburn. Sounds like you and Matt had quite the group adventure, and hanging out around a river does allow you to meet some strange characters.

Krystie said...

lyss, you look AMAZING! I'm SO SO SO proud of you and your accomplishments!

Hilary Lane said...

Don't you hate getting grief for reading a book? When we were in MI, I would take a book in the car just IN CASE no one felt like talking, and everyone was always asking why I had a book. Or if I wanted to read in the afternoon on the back porch instead of sitting inside watching the Casey Anthony trial, Josh told me I was being anti-social. So annoying! Just let me read my book already!

Adie said...

I am so behind! Your floating posts are some favorite. Looks like so much fun! We have never camped as a family but I used to go and had lots of fun.