Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Baby Rabbit...Give Me a Heart Attack!?!

...aww, what a cute little bunny rabbit, right? NOT! Matt calls me out in the yard on Tuesday night to show me a little bunny nest. I go look, "Aww! So cute, let me grab the camera." I run inside to get my camera and come back, snap this shot then the freakin' things LEAPS up runs in a crazy circle and takes off across the yard!?!

I'm freakin' out running around in my pajamas (yes people I get home from work and throw on some PJs) and socks, AHHH!!!! I'm asking Matt, is it okay that he got out? Keep the dogs away! My heart is now beating 90 then I was like screw this...and I headed back inside. So word to the wise, watch out for the crazy bunnies in your yards.


Slamdunk said...

We have lots of those in our neighborhood and like you keeping dogs and cats away from them is a full-time job. Enjoy the cute ones.

Meredith said...

I totally used to throw on PJ's when I came home from work too!

Also, rabbits are mean. We had a pet one growing up, and I swear it was diabolical!

Adie said...

Haha! Two workouts in 1 day! ;) Anything that moves suddenly is scary I think!!

Amanda said...

AHAHA, I love it! This is so funny to me because I know the feeling. And girl, I am in my pjs 2.2 seconds after I hit the door!