Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Tidbits...

...random stories for a random Thursday (well two days before my birthday!).

*I was doing so well with not having peanut butter for Lent until last Friday. Matt went into the bank and grab back out with a Reese's cup for me. I opened it up and took on bite then remembered-NO PEANUT BUTTER! Before I even finished chewing, I'd spit it back out and hand the other half to Matt shouting, "Eat it! Eat it!" Matt was so confused but, of course, he just ate it. Then it clicked for him, "Oh babe! I'm so sorry! I didn't even think about it having peanut butter!" I nodded, "I know, me either but Jesus saw me and He doesn't like it!!!" Since then, I've been back on track...whew-close call!

*Got my I-Touch...LOVE IT!!! I could do without all the High School Musical that got downloaded on it but beggars can't be choosers!

*Monday night I went to dinner with Katie at Applebee's. Aside from the good conversation and good friend, we both ate off the 550 calorie menu and we were both very happy! I had the Asiago Peppercorn Steak, maybe too much peppercorn but that's just me, and she said she really enjoyed it. I asked the waiter and as long as you don't make any substitions that the entire plate is under 550 calories!?! I had the steak, the steamed veggies AND potatoes and they were all delicious!!!

*Holy crap! Tuesday I was cleaning out the pantry when a can of soup fell and landed right on my fingernail. That thing hurt like a b***h!!! By the time I realized what happened and looked at my finger, the fingernail was already purple. I hope it doesn't fall off because that'll totally gross me out.

*Matt tries...he tries really hard but he just can't ever get things to pan out. Saturday night we're going to the Fair Dinner Auction so we're going out on Friday to celebrate for birthday. He kept telling me all last week and this week that he had something planned. Then last night, he was like, I think you're going to like what we're going to do but I don't think you'll want me to spend that much money. His plan was for us to go to the Fox and see August: Osage County. So we decided not to go because of the cost. Then he told me he called the chiropractor to set up our massages on Friday that we got for our wedding (a year and a half ago) but the massage lady doesn't work on Fridays. He called Cheesecake Factory to make reservations, they don't take reservations. So see, he tries, he tries hard but he's just not a planner, that's why he married me, that's what I do best. I think we're going to wait it out at Cheesecake Factory and then maybe go see a movie, depends on the time PLUS I had a weird schedule this week so I think I'm off on Friday!!!

*Okay I know you all are probably totally over me discussing Master the Met but I thought you would enjoy these pics taken by the photog on the LAST FLIGHT OF THE STAIRS!!!

Yes, I am incredibly pale...I told you I felt like puking and here's the pic to prove it. Don't mind the 80's was a team thing.

Here's me fakin' it for the photog, I was really thinking, "Get that freakin' camera out of here!"

Enjoy your Thursday all...only 2 days until my birthday!!!


Slamdunk said...

Ouch with the falling soup can. I do something like that and also drop bars of soap/shampoo on my feet regularly

Jennelle said...

I've been wanting to try the 550 calorie menu... Glad to hear it's not bad!

Adie said...

You are totally crackin me up with your birthday. You are as bad as me. I have kind of faded out. But my birthday is a little like Hanukah in that it lasts a long time! Yum yum to the cheesecake factory!!

Amanda said...

You're good at faking that smile, sister! You dont' even look that pukey!

I'm a terrible planner and my husband is a great one. I always "ruin" his birthday (or at least he makes me feel like he does). I don't think we've ever gotten through his bday without a fight. I'm mad at him today so that's why I'm all negative nancy.

Krystie said...

C and I don't really celebrate our birthdays since it's in the midst of our busy season for our business. I'm glad Matt has been trying though! and good luck at CCF on a Friday night! ;) BTW. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (2 days early, but just in case.)

Mary said...

That takes some willpower to spit out a Reese's! I would have chalked that one up to an "oops" right after swallowing. And congrats on the Mastering the Met! I hate stairs!

Stephany said...

I love your pictures! You look so cute and you're rocking the bandanna! I love it!

Matt just sounds so adorable, trying to make plans. That's something that always happens to me. I'm not a planner at all!