Wednesday, March 3, 2010


...a big shout out and thank you to Amanda over at It's Blogworthy for the Master of Karate and Friendship Award!!! I never even told her about my mean karate chop but we're just on the same wavelength. Please hop over to her blog and check it out-this girl is hilarious!!!

The rules are simple, write SIX things that you are a master at and then give this award to SIX people who are the Master of Friendship. So here goes, SIX things I'm a master at:

1. I am the master of making room for my dogs. Seriously, I have to make room for them in bed every night, I let Emma sit beside me as I type this, I always leave them enough room in the car when we travel and the funny this is Emma is the smallest weighing in at 60 pounds!!!

2. I am the master of randomness. Probably 99.9% of my posts are tagged as random but come on, who doesn't love a good random story!

3. I am the master of harvesting crops. Yes, friends, I've admitted it but I am addicted to Farmville and I usually harvest crops daily.

4. I am the master of mood swings, ask my husband. I can be in the best mood in the world and then I notice the picture if off center and its like WATCH OUT WORLD!!!

5. I am the master of taking 10 minutes to tell a 10 second story.

6. I am the master of blowing things out of proportion (see #4) and ask my boss.

Now for the Masters of Friendship.

1. Although we don't comment too often on each other's blog, I have to nominate my girl Kristal who has been one of my best friends since 7th grade.

2. Adie who is helping me along my weight loss journey this time around. Her positive comments keep me on track every day.

3. Angie who I just met almost exactly a year ago but I feel like we're old friends. She always makes me feel so welcomed where ever we are.

4. Cece...what can I say? This girl and I relate, we just get each other!

5. Britni-while I started off as her boss four years ago, I would definately say we ended up as friends.

6. Amy-we've only commented back and forth but I feel like she's an awesome woman and friend.

So there you have it! FYI-I will be out of town for a conference today-Friday so I'll spend the weekend catching up on blogs after my stair climb Saturday AM-wish me luck!!!


Miranda Tucci said...

Congrats on the award!! :-) My husband is also the master of taking 10 minutes to tell a 10 second story - maybe ya'll are related?? ha ha

Slamdunk said...

Congrats on the award. I think your abilities as random translates well to make a great blog.

LambAround said...

Good for you, letting your doggies sleep in the bed. I used to, but I got sick of my husband and I clinging to the edges of the bed while our dog sprawled out across the center.
Congrats on your award! :)