Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Olympics Recap...

...okay, let me grab my hair tie box that I wrote my Olympics recap notes on...got it! Okay, here are some of my thoughts now that the Olympics has ended:

*Apparently the dress attire for the Winter Olympics is spandex and the dress attire for the Summer Olympics is no pants (think gymnastics, swimming, track).

*I guess Spiderman hit all the bobsledders on the butt for good luck because they all had a spider web on their butt.

*Lindsey Vonn, I'm sorry for you fans of hers out there, but she is just on my last nerve.

*Apolo Ohno (when I say his name, I really want to say Yoko Ono) is like supernatural and unhuman. His face is always so smooth looking and I think he wears that bandana over his ears to hide his pointed supernatural ears. Oh and the guy is great (and I'm a fan now) but he never wins gold...I think so that people won't think he's supernatural. Sorry Apolo but it's not working.

*Olympians only date other Olympians. So if you have a major crush on an Olympian (and I may have a small crush on Apolo but being that he's not human AND I'm married, it would never work despite this rule) then you should start working towards becoming an Olympic athlete so you've got a chance.

And that my friends is my recap of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

UPDATE! What the crap??? All my comments from 12/16-1/18 have been deleted!?!? Any ideas? This happen to anyone else???


Em Static said...

I think I may be the only person in the world who didn't watch the Olympics this year. I just couldn't. After football season I was too emotionally drained for more sports.

But no pants? I'm totally checking that out!

Adie said...

Love the recap - It may be the only recap of the Olympics that did not include any actual sports references! ;)

Ugh!! All of my comments are gone too!!! Now I know why I keep all emails.

Stephany said...

I think after Michael Phelps' crazy Olympics, and Apolo being the most talked-about USA Winter Olympian, I was expecting a lot more out of him. I don't think he won any golds, did he? Disappointing.

He is exciting to watch, though!

Linda said...

Totally agree with you every Olympic point. But am I the only one that is glad the Olympics are over so we can get back to regular programing?!?

Slamdunk said...

Good observations. I agree on the Olympians dating only Olympians and think it is kind of like someone who is married to a job and spends 20 hours a day being consumed with it--they are most likely to find someone attractive who has the same perspective.